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Great morning practice
Dominique R. - -
Gentle easy start to the day. This is a good class to do before another workout to get your body stretched & ready to go. Just lovely.
Jen M. - -
just started back into yoga....great way to start
Great Class!
Maureen A. - -
Very instructive. Really enjoyed this class. Always good to refresh with the basics.
Fernanda G. - -
I am a chaturanga lover hehe! This was really nice!
Kevin S. - -
Thx, Patti! Great re- acquaintance w/ basics
samantha k. - -
A smooth, lovely flow.
Kristi F. - -
Thanks for the workout. I enjoyed it and would say the shoulder work is clearly beyond beginning work for the average female.
Trudi C. - -
Thank You Patti!! I do other fitness classes and this was a fantastic way to stretch and get rid of tightness in the whole body. In to my play list it goes :)
Suzanne H. - -
I love this practice! Thank you Patty.
Christina F. - -
Love the way this practice breaks down sun salutation! Patti is a great teacher!
Just what I needed.
Barbara G. - -
This was such a lovely practice, I just wanted to thank you so much for how it's already improved my outlook on the day. :)
I know I'm getting stronger
Anne P. - -
I don't yet have the strength for this, but I am going to keep trying!
Ka Pai
Kiara P. - -
The practice was challenging but calming and invigorating at the same time, Thank You, Aroha me te maramatanga
Oh What a nice challenge!
Valerie H. - -
Getting back to my practice and this 21 day challenge has been so good! Thank you Patti! I am saving this class. I do have a neck issue, very stiff on the left side. Any suggestions?
a bit hard for me...
wanda o. - -
It seems a bit advanced as I don't have the strength yet. I am a true beginner and have been practicing a couple days a week for about 6 months. I am getting there... but not yet strong enough.
My arms hurt (and not in a good way)
Marya S. - -
I did this practice yesterday, and I could already feel my outer arms saying "no." I keep getting this injury from down dog. I'll practice, and try to stay with it subsequent days to work through the pain, but it's not muscle "work out sore"; it feels like tweaked stuff going "WTF?!" I tried moving my arms wider but it still gets crazy. My joints are hyper flexible. I don't know if that could be contributing to my pain. Any suggestions?
Sandra B. - -
Keep your arms slightly bent to avoid your elbows from locking or hyper extending. Also when doing down dog keep your collar bone broad and think about your upper arms spinning outwards and your lower arms spinning inwards. Your elbows should be facing outwards not towards you.
Great class
Shreya D. - -
Enjoyed myself and I think I finally got sun salutation A!!!
nice practice
Ashley R. - -
I liked this video a lot. I'm trying to get into yoga and I really enjoy it, but my wrists hurt a lot during downward dog/plank poses. So much so that many times I have to come out of the pose to take the pressure off my wrists. Does this eventually go away as I get stronger? Does anyone else have this problem?
MyYogaWorks M. - -
Perfectly paced, very complete 45 minute practice. I feel amazing!
So Relaxing
Jacqueline J. - -
I enjoyed this class so much! I shall be returning to it often. It is an excellent beginner's class --- for example Sun Salutation A is carefully broken down, with excellent instruction for each part. The instructor is so soothing also. I appreciate that she allows most of Savasana to be completely silent.
Excellent Video
Pauline M. - -
This video with Patti is very good. A true practice which gives you everything you need in 45minutes. Just challenging enough and excellent pace. Thanks!
A bit advanced
Katie C. - -
This video is probably difficult for a true beginner. However, the instructor was great. I felt very relaxed toward the end. Thanks, Patti!
JERA T. - -
This was a great starting point to taking this online yoga. I'm stoked!!!
First Online Yoga
Katia F. - -
I just want to thank Yogaworks Teachers for making yoga attainable for me. Yoga finally makes sense after so many attempts. Now, I have no reason to look for another yoga studio. I have found my home.
Marian A. - -
First time in years I've tried yoga. With injuries to neck and back, took it very slowly and had some problems keeping up. But felt so relaxed at the conclusion.
Lovely Mindful Moment
Lara F. - -
A great soft practice to reconnect to the self!