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Annette R. - -
Effective and challenging class that makes you feel stronger as you move through the sequencing, The instructions were clear and concise allowing smooth movement through the flow. I will definitely put this video in my weekly practices. It was a sweaty yet feel good flow.
Loved the class!
Paola D. - -
Great teacher
Wow what a class!
Vanessa M. - -
I loved this class. Challenging while at the same time the pace was slow enough to encourage you to really focus on alignment. Great teaching from Mia - familiar poses felt completely different thanks to great instructions. I'll be checking out all of Mia's classes now!
Denise M. - -
Holy smokes! Another amazing twist sequence from Mia. That was challenging and sweat inducing. I will be adding this to my regular rotation.
Nice, quick twisting class
Jody W. - -
I really enjoyed this class as it was challenging and really got into the twists quickly. I think it should have been an extra 5 minutes longer to allow for a longer warmup and stretching at the end.
Twisty Strong
Svetlana A. - -
The most twisty practice I have taken so far! Required lots of muscular contraction and stabilization in hips/legs and core areas approaching each twist safely and effectively. Nicely guided through the practice suggesting to use breath and muscular engagement rather than force. I enjoyed the sequence and the Mia,s instructions (fan of yours :), but I guess I could use a momentum to rest and digest the information.
nice tsisting sequences
Patrizia M. - -
I enjoyed being able to do a lot of twisting sequences in a short time. I wish we had more of a cool down with some seated and reclining twists as well to balance out the leg effort. Also, I love Mia and have a lot of her classes in My Favorites. In this particular case I wish there had been a little less talking and bit more space in between the thoughts/ideas and suggestions to assimilate and integrate all the information. Just a thought :)
Wrings out your spine like a towel
Julia C. - -
If you want nothing but twists, you've come to the right class! Includes just a couple sun salutations. Surprised that we ended in child's pose instead of savasana -- especially after all the heat we built up -- but Mia makes this class fly by. I've taken other twist-focused classes outside of YogaWorks and felt drained to the point of developing a headache. Pleased to report no such feeling after this one; in fact, I feel pretty good! I did feel like I needed to stretch out my neck, shoulders, and quads on my own, though.
Short and sweet
Nathalie E. - -
Great twist flow when you don't have a lot of time. Feel energized for my day.
Jessica R. - -
I think I need to do twists more often. I found this practice to be really intense, but in a good way. Definitely woke me up and warmed me up for my day
twist & shout
Susan T. - -
very nice - energizing and totally do-able. I'll do this one again.
Gets to the point...
David T. - -
... and a great workout when one doesn't have a lot of time...
Kristina M. - -
Great class! I really enjoyed all the twists after a long day of sitting in an office.
Recommend if short on time
Ghazaleh R. - -
Even though its only a half an hr, I felt I got a full twist work out
Tina H. - -
great 30 min class. goes right into it with just a little warm up and little cool down.