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Lynn G. - -
really enjoyed this class. I was not traveling anywhere....except to my couch, but just enjoyed the twists. twisting always gives me energy! I call it fallen triangle as well
Tessa W. - -
I just did this class before a 20+ hour plan trip and I feel great--ready to tackle the journey. Thank you, David.
Fernanda D. - -
David Kim classes are amazing...he is really a Master and his sequences are so effective. Love this one! Thanks a lot David.
Lacey D. - -
Excellent class. I call that pose Fallen Triangle
so good!
Anna P. - -
My back feels relieved. I spend too many hours seated at work or driving, this is a class that I could integrate regularly into my daily routine. Short, energizing and soothing for all those hours we spend seated.
Opens upper back
Jill C. - -
Yesterday first midwest springtime yard work. Today flying to FL, followed by an 8 day rv trip. I feel great after this practice. Spine work enables me to always find my "home" regardless of my geographic location. Will revisit it on my trip. Thanks for a wonderful sequence and guidance!
Tres Fun
AYDEN B. - -
David and Monica, it was neat to have a framework for the class: David just coming from a plane and Monica just going on to one. Nice friendly rapport between teacher and student gives more to the video. At first it was hard for me to drop into my body because David's teaching style is mental (as is much of MyYogaWorks content) but after a while I could. However I very much liked the personality, sense of humor and lightness. Insightful yoga cues/anatomical understanding!! Recommend this one for sure. I feel energized.
Wrings out your spine + feels great!
Julia C. - -
This class would be great before heading on a cross-country flight. I did it after a cardio session at the gym and was pleasantly surprised that it also opened my hips a bit. It was less strenuous than what I was expecting, which was a great thing. (The last twisting class I took left me with a severe headache.) Standing poses for the first ~20 minutes followed by ~10 minutes on the floor, which includes wheel.
shannon c. - -
love this sequence! I've heard that pose called fallen star and like the description for the shape it makes.