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Cheryl R. - -
A solid class that pushes you but not too hard. A nice flow, a little sweat, some core work, and shoulders. I enjoyed.
Igor P. - -
Thanks for such tough love 💗
Wonderful class!
Nicole L. - -
Energizing throughout and then the perfect calm to end and go into my day with focus, clarity and strength. Thank you!
Exactly what I was looking for!
Wendy P. - -
Friday after work I'm usually tired but have pent up energy. I needed a yoga class that wasn't too vigorous but flowed well and worked up a little sweat. This was perfect and is going on my playlist. Definitely going to be a regular class.
Rocio G. - -
Best class ever!
Good Morning!
Kellsie G. - -
Perfect way to the start the day. Thank you for another fabulous class Jesse!
Just perfect
Debra M. - -
I really enjoyed this series of flows and movements. Two Thumbs UP!
Stacey R. - -
Woke Me Up!
randi h. - -
Great strength builder and lots of fun. Perfect start to the day! Thanks Jesse!
Joanna D. - -
Felt so good, strong and opening. Thank you Jesse!
Jennifer N. - -
Great all-around class for such short time. Not a level 3 but a definite strong level 2
Loved it
Priyanka S. - -
Feeling great...
Judit M. - -
great detox!
Lots of great core work
Janet M. - -
I echo the sentiments that although only 38 minutes, felt like a got a good work out. Also, a lot of focus on core/abdomen work, which I appreciated. And still included time for some relaxing stretching and winding down at the end. Very nice.
Perfect morning practice
emma s. - -
I LOVE THIS class. I do it weekly and feels as vigorous as a full hour. Thank you Jesse! Great teacher, great vibes
Twists and burns
Maureen H. - -
Great workout and focus on twists!
Anne O. - -
What a great start to my day. Thank you! I am so glad I found this site...
Doria B. - -
Thank you! Super wonderful. Jesse, you are playful and on point. The class challenged body and mind and kept me invested piece by piece. Many thanks!
FAst flow
Jane D. - -
Great quick workout, challenging and comprehensive. Loved it!
quick and dirty!!
Lenora H. - -
This is my new favorite go to video when I'm short on time but still want a sweaty, well rounded, challenging flow.
Efficient and Energetic!
Amy W. - -
I was bummed I missed yoga class this Monday evening...this was an even better substitute. I was so sweaty but never stopped moving and never wanted to stop moving! Thanks for a quick and effective workout and release!
Loved it!
Carla G. - -
What a crazy day! I finally put the kids into bed and followed this workout! Now I feel excellent! Totally re-energized!! Thanks!!!
Mark M. - -
Great class!
Vanessa E. - -
Ahhh! Just what I newborn wouldn't sleep and just needed to let out some frustration and move my body for 20 mins. You are sooo one of my favorite teachers!
Maryia P. - -
My favorite from 21-day challenge. Positive, energizing, perfect for Monday morning!
Pass The Envelope Jesse!
Kimberly M. - -
I love Jesse's teaching. Here's why: She passes you a secret envelope of confidence you open before class. She is specific, fun, and her instruction gives you the confidence to go Star final frontier. To BOLDLY go where....(Okay..I'll stop..I just appreciate her expertise she hands us). Onward...
Maria B. - -
This was a great class to fit into a busy schedule - perfect amount of time to work hard and break a sweat. Really loved everything - the pace, the poses, the instructor!
Jana B. - -
Quick and dirty and got the job done! Loved it!
Good morning!
Rebecca K. - -
This was a great workout to fit in before work! The instructor was very clear and concise. I liked how the poses were simple so I wasn't worried about a lot of balances first thing in the morning. They were a bit fast for me. My breath pacing is slightly slower so I felt a bit out of breath or clenching at times, but the instructor did a wonderful job of reminding you to go with your breath so I really could go at my own pace and rewind if needed. I did have to go into child's pose a few times to catch my breath but if I continue the video I hope to get stronger.
Diana K. - -
This is a really good one! Love it! Perfect combo of stretching, abs, cardio and relaxation.
Fast, Energizing, Detoxing & Fun!
Sandra S. - -
My favorite part of this is when Jessie says "ignore the burning, nothing horrible is going to happen. It is just the muscle getting stronger." Just the right length for a busy school morning.
Good Flow
maggie m. - -
Great short, intense vinyasa. Wished it was longer!
Great quick and effective workout
Cindie A. - -
Got my sweat and heart rate going! Thanks, Jesse!
Jennifer K. - -
I like how savasana was included in the timing of the video. I dislike when videos dont include it. Also, I wish this was available in intermediate or beginner if only for a slower paced flow of this same sequence. I do not consider myself advanced but really wanted to do this one because of the combo of twists, cardio, & core work. I had no problems doing the actual poses, the pace was just too fast for me so I would have to pause and rewind several times. Really great workout though!
Rowena K. - -
Great class
Anne T. - -
Love it! Adding to Favorites. ;)
Kirsten R. - -
great quick class that gets you moving and sweating - great for early morning wake up
Marjorie M. - -
really fast, felt great, thanks you for always mentioning left and right. So I dont have to think if Im on the correct side.