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Made me sweat
Sarah H. - -
Yogaworks-trained teacher here...I've never met a Lesley class I didn't like. I see people saying this class is not "advanced" enough, but advanced doesn't mean handstands or constant vinyasa. In my experience with her sequences, Lesley is really good at tricking you into thinking you're not working hard because she's lighthearted and her pacing gives you breathing room. This class has long holds on deep twists that require advanced knowledge of alignment. In my perspective it is definitely a level 3 class, just not full of flashy poses.
Not Level 3
Amy G. - -
I love Leslie's classes, but was disappointed that this was labeled as Level 3 when it is definitely geared toward beginners/Level 1. I wish I had done a different class - because I was really hoping for a challenge this morning!
Level 1...NOT a level 3.
Sara C. - -
I don’t mind chatty instructors, so long as the cadence and verbiage of the teacher is of merit. This felt like a kids’ yoga class. Not a SINGLE moment of silence. Definitely not an advanced sequence. Felt like a child with the instructor’s tone of voice. Tons of forgetting her own sequence and asking the students questions like “left or right?” and “oops did I already do that?” Very distracting and grating.
Claire T. - -
One of my favorites
Love Leslie!!!
Ken M. - -
She is one of my favorite Instructors definitely hope there's more of her!!!
Enjoyed this class
Rebecca K. - -
I feel really great after this class. This wasn't a typical level 3, so if you're looking for a very rigorous class I would recommend some of the others. That being said, this had many vinyasas and opportunities to build strength. Also there were mostly positions with squared hips so that was a nice change from mostly opening my hips in yoga. The twists were deep and thoughtful. The instructor was really lovely, softly spoken and kind and encourages you to take breaks, which is nice when you want a more calming practice. Because there were variations and a second classmate doing an easier option, this could be a great class for a beginner and someone more advanced to take together! Thanks for a nice detoxing class.
lovely class
Patrizia M. - -
I really enjoyed this practice. I found it to be a mild level 3 not that it isn't challenging but mostly because of Lesley's gentle and loving guidance. At the end I feel cleansed, present and centered.