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lots of twists!
Susie B. - -
I mean, yes that is the title, right? A great sequence, really enjoyed it.
Awesome sequence
Fernanda D. - -
Very nice arms variations, deep twists...and a great sequence. Love it David. Thanks a lot.
Wendy P. - -
After a week of super long days and not being able to workout, this class was exactly what a I needed. The bonus is David's sense of humor. He just brightened my mood. Now I feel relaxed and energized. Thank you!
love it.
Daniela K. - -
one of my favourite online sequences.
Jade M. - -
I'm addicted to David's classes. It's what I need in my life right now as a busy Mom who also works and has a full plate-- the blend of humor with his class is just perfect. Thank you!
Creative & Fun!
Lisa A. - -
Love twists and love this class. Great at the end of the day and before dinner.
What's the twist?!
Marian E. - -
Great detailed instructions. Lots of great, yummy twists.
Wonderful Teacher
LM C. - -
I love David Lynch's teaching technique. He's so kind. I never would have thought someone this sweet could be equally as motivating, but he really challenged me. I'm looking forward to his other videos. I really had to focus for the all the twists, and felt amazing afterward—light and relaxed.
Margaret W. - -
Thanks David, so lovely to hear your voice and your well timed jokes. You have wonderful timing, making me laugh just we I need more inhale energy. Thanks again.
Darlene K. - -
Thank you! Love your instruction and humor, David. Xox
G G. - -
This one made me sweat. I’m sure to feel my mid-section tomorrow. Thank you for the great class.
Great Class!
Brandi W. - -
I enjoyed this class a great deal! It was a great length! The right amount of effort versus release. Great instruction and a great flow. I would definitely do it again.
Love this class!
Anne K. - -
David, you bring humor and great detailed instruction to this class. I feel great! Perfect class before bedtime. Thank you for a pinch of fun added to the yoga!
alia m. - -
Oh how miss taking your classes in person-- so great to have your fun and challenging teaching float back into my day courtesy of the magical netcoms. T-Rex!! hah.
Perhaps Sweden
Emma S. - -
If not New York, perhaps it is Sweden...;-) (considering the reference to socialism, which I will never forget). I really liked the teacher - and I love humor in yoga!
Betsy: Way too New York?
Barbara S. - -
Ha, that was funny, but as a New Yorker, I sure do wonder what ever did you mean by that comment?!
Barbara S. - -
Hmmmm. Too much extraneous chatter. I suppose it's just not my style. Made it half way and moved on. Mechanically, a good class.
just what I needed
Jacquie W. - -
I feel so much better now, thank you ! I need the dialogue.. and all the tips, the little reminders to tuck in this and that etc. ! I'll be back.
Excellent guy!
daniel m. - -
Class was super fun
Betsy L. - -
I liked the class...but alas the commentary was not to my taste.....way too new york thanks for a good class
Carla I. - -
You are hilarious! Thank you for a fun but challenging class. Your humor was refreshing too!
Hannah L. - -
A relaxing, energizing, and enjoyable flow - both the sequence and the commentary!
Rebecca C. - -
This video and your style was a perfect fit for today. The description was perfect - I'm very relaxed and my mind more at peace after this class. Looking forward to more videos from you.
Diane T. - -
I just want to say I love your style and jokes! Please do more videos. Your angst feels like home!
Ana O. - -
I loved this detox class!