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so good
Bridget T. - -
excellent practice, excellent instructions
Short and intense.. killer twists!
randi h. - -
This class has it all! Nothing beats Vytas' instruction. So great!
Good Stuff
Bethanie P. - -
Felt more like a Level 3 in intensity, but great class. Thanks, Vytas.
Nice detox
Rebecca S. - -
A great detoxing practice to start the new year!
Really good class!
Amalia K. - -
I really like how you teach classes and I feel great aftewords.
Challenging and sweaty level 2
Crystal M. - -
Definitely know your basics and be ready to sweat coming into this class. Vytas always challenges me and in this class doesn’t give the modified versions so that I really struggled with maintaining quality poses towards the end which gives me more reason to take the class again and again to build strength and endurance. Great class!
Twisting Detox
Amy D. - -
I love Vytas! I feel like I really push myself to rise to the challenge. I’d love some more Vytas Workouts. The level 1 are almost not enough(although I wouldn’t say too easy) and the level 2 are quite challenging to me.
love vytas and this twisting detox class
Bridget T. - -
i agree with what someone said, taking a class with vytas is like taking a class with a friend you respect
More Please
Linda B. - -
Love this sequence! Can you create a 60 minute version?
Great instruction
Dara K. - -
I love Vyta's voice; he's super calming and keeping reminding you of all the things you need to remember, which is so important. Great for balance and strength; it almost feels like a dance!
Paola D. - -
Great 30min class!
pamela s. - -
It sounds bossy for me, but the sequence is nice
Loved This
Cynthia R. - -
Vytas' voice is calming and made an intense practice bearable and even relaxing at times. Challenged me on balance. One I'll come back to do again and again.
Intense Half Hour
Heather M. - -
Don't know if it's cause I'm sore, but that was the most intense 30 min detox I've ever done- except for my NEw Years Day hot yoga detox. Wow! Feel great though!
Perfect Amount of Detox
Gardenia C. - -
and..."Rotisserie" :)
Stephanie M. - -
I really enjoyed this detox class and an awesome instructor! One of my favs for sure!!
Challenging and fun
Kera Z. - -
This class was a challenge for me, but overall really enjoyed it. I could feel myself growing stronger, and surprised myself in some of the holds. Vytas is calming and encouraging, and I love that he emphasizes both lengthening and twisting. Worth checking out.
Jessica R. - -
I had to make adjustments to some poses, or eliminate them all together because of my lower back problems, but for the most this was a nice practice for day 5. I found our that I have more strength in my calves and my feet then I thought.
Melissa M. - -
Did both day 5 sessions and feel greeeeeaaaaatttt!
Candace K. - -
I agree that the instructor seemed bored so he bored me too
Nathalie E. - -
Short but intense. Great sequence to detox after indulging on Memorial Day. Saving it as a favorite.
I loved it
Athena R. - -
Great way to end a stressful day. I sweated out all my stressful thinking and stress eating. Feeling great!
Wonderful Detox
Chanel A. - -
This was a great way to start my morning. It was just the right amount of time but also intense. I can feel myself getting stronger as I continue to practice yoga. Vytas never fails to challenge you physically as well as mentally. Im looking forward to more classes such as these.
Good, intense but not too
Susan T. - -
covered important areas especially the balancing which is so important for (old) yogini. Will definitely come back to this practice.
Kim K. - -
Cleared my stuffy nose
Short but Intense
Julie J. - -
I really needed a good detox after the indulgent V-Day weekend. I worked up a little sweat and felt invigorated by the deep, unique twists. For me, Vytas provides just the right amount of instruction.
Floriane D. - -
Great sequence: I was able to do it during my daughter's nap and it was just enough challenging. Loved it, will combine to others to make a longer session.
Definitely a favorite!
Penny G. - -
I've done this one a couple of times now and it does exactly what it says. Really helps squeeze out the bad and pull in that fresh oxygenated blood to your body. I admit I can't yet hold some of the standing poses. But I'll get there. BTW....I LOVE Vytas's instruction. It's informative, encouraging and right on point. His manner of instruction is great. It's like being instructed by a friend you respect. He's just a regular guy not pretending to be some super spiritual guru. I've been to classes where the instructors speak like they're pre-school teachers channeling Khahlil Gibran. Lord, help me! I don't think he sounds bored at all. And when he said he "doesn't want to sound like a broken record" that was a figure of speech that normal people like me use when they know they need to repeat something. And he actually was repeating something a the time ...because, yes, that's how you learn and he knows that. But hey, to each his own, right? As for me, I'll continue to use the Instructor's filter to find my next Vytas workout. Maybe one day I'll be fortunate enough to take a class with him. :)
Great way to spend 30mins!
Aisling C. - -
Love this little capsule of detoxification. Will be incorporating plenty of it into my practice and classes. Love the teachers manner also - calm, informative, encouraging and unpatronising - thanks!
Rebecca R. - -
I really like Vytas's relaxed, informal instruction. Some instructors seem to say things just for the sake of saying them, either to show how much they know or simply out of habit. I like that Vytas's classes tend to include just the facts, without all of the added frills or weird yogi sayings that I find in other classes. I find his "boredom" (I don't think it's actually boredom) to be relaxing, and his instruction is thorough enough to keep things safe, while not making me feel like I have to remember 100 different things for a single pose. It's all about finding an instructor (or multiple instructors) who give you what you need in a practice, and one instructor won't do that for everyone. :) Thanks for this class, Vytas! Namaste.
nancy a. - -
This teacher seems bored out of his mind. He "doesn't want to sound like a broken record," and "whatever" aren't what teachers I'm used to, say. Repetition is how people learn.
great class- yoga reboot!
Androulla H. - -
this was great! i am loving all of your classes! Ive done a couple of your videos but doing them consistently is great! great detox, definitely felt it!! thanks!