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lots of detail
Julie Henneberg - -
Chelsey gives a lot of detail in her instruction, both in the asanas and the transitions. If this kind of 'chatter' is going to bother you then skip it, but I appreciate that kind of enthusiasm. It's a well-crafted class that builds up nicely to the peak pose
Clint Mojzes - -
I agree with Dominique and will add: I was looking something physically challenging and this was disappointing. I'd say it was 90% beginner-intermediate, 10% advanced - meaning it was not at all challenging for an intermediate yogi. Seriously, a propped bakasana tutorial in an advanced class? There is a lot of time spent lying on the ground.
absolutely loved it
Bridget Truxillo - -
great full length practice. feel great after. i took her class in person at the wanderlust yoga event in salt lake city june 2017. she's the real deal. i learned a lot from the 2 classes i've taken from her
Unique work with the core
Jill Day - -
This class offered a real change for me from Surya A and B. I found it a nice break for my wrists in that way. I really learned some new ways to develop and connect to my core - Thank you so much! The arm balances are a challenge to me and the teacher gave really clear instructions to approach these poses. I will look for more videos from you!
This is not a yoga class
Dominique Rosenberg - -
I had to stop mid-way through. I felt like I was in a circa '80 aerobics class. Snapping fingers to count the pose, way too much counting and verbal instruction, no flow at all - wow, very disappointing. I did like her opening talk though about unconscious alignment to mastering, but after that it was all downhill. This class doesn't belong on the MyYogaworks website.
Catapult to the a-ha!
Kristina Djinovic - -
How refreshing this was! Perfect.
Love the Talk
lana mily - -
I really like this class & teacher b/c she is super through, giving a lot of detail. I know some people don't like the talking but I think its a matter of preference. I prefer to have the teacher talking b/c it keeps me engaged. For those that learn better with less of a voice over, perhaps this class could prove to be a challenge but the work out is AMAZING>
Thank you Chelsey!
Laura Petrenko - -
Great class, would love to see more 1hr(+) class offerings from you!!! Namaste!
Ngan To - -
Love this sequence! I did enjoy your class! Thanks a lot Sarah Ezrin! Namaste!
Adam Larmi - -
Really enjoyed the class. Just what I need after a long day at work. Challenging and fun. Personally I loved her descriptions and cues on how to get to the proper alignment and this to is coming from a yoga teacher. Well done
Layla Ross - -
From the perspective of a yoga teacher, her instructions were right on, just right, and needed- as you can see the students needed the direction. Sometimes when you really need to get the students to do what you want them to do so that you can have the student succeed in more advanced postures and correct alignment, you have to talk a lot. It is what it is. It also keeps the student from zoning out or not engaging or softening enough. I would rather a teacher keep me in alignment. All this is what makes a good teacher. It is the job of the student, to find the yoga practice and let go. Even though she instructs, focus on the breath. That is what the practice is mostly about. I thought it was a great video. Great job Chelsey!
Lily Krauss - -
I really enjoyed this sequence! I would have liked a little less (and slower) talking during the poses, but I still feel great after the class, and appreciated the instruction!
Tina Rath - -
I could only get through 15 minutes of this video. She talks WAAAAAAY too much! The counting, the excessive "pull apart, pull apart, pull apart." Level three? Can there be some space to actually experience what she is offering?
Gina Regalbuto - -
Far too much chatter by the instructor. I dont think there was one moment of silence. You need moments of silence to allow the students to hear their own breath and check in with their bodies. All the talking was very overwhelming. This class also took way too long to pick up momentum. The twist to warrior 2 and reverse warrior was a fun sequence though.
Chris Armas - -
a wonderful refreshing perspective to the familiar asanas. Very impressive instruction without being overdone or boring:) Really enjoyed Chelsey in the moment active instruction as if in a real public class!
Jessica Weitzenhoffer - -
Wonderful class! Beautiful, insightful, and precise. Thank you. Feeling much more aligned. ;-)
Koby Smutylo - -
One of my favourite classes, for sure! An awesome workout that leaves me feeling great. Thank you very much, Chelsey!!
Kristin Gomes - -
Would have enjoyed this more with less instruction/chatter.
Martina Cederqvist - -
Great class! and what an insightful teacher