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Entirely too much talking
Patrick K. - -
Good class but there was no time for reflection due to the nonstop talking by the teacher. Very frustrating.
Pragya B. - -
I love Mia Togo and have been using her Yoga CDs for many years . I just liked the way she speaks in a peaceful voice in her CDs with a slower speed . I notice generally in Yogaworks site instructors have chosen to speak at a faster pace . Its always calming to hear a slower pace of voice . I love that Mia combines both spiritual and physical aspects in her practices
The Real Deal
Carla I. - -
Mia, you are my go-to when I need my philosophy fix in strong asana and intelligent sequencing. Such a perfect blend with you. I always feel nutured and grounded after your classes. Thank you so much.
Feeling Open
Sheila S. - -
I will be back for more of this class. Loved the pace and the ease of moving from pose to pose.
Candice N. - -
Thank you so much Mia. This is such a thoughtful class. Your guidance is gentle and exact. I feel wonderful!
Bonnie F. - - (edited)
I've been working with my truth in Hanumanasana for many years now, and after this class, I felt so many places in my body and mind open up for the first time! (Not just my hamstrings!) Great instruction, wonderful melding of the Sutras and philosophy. Will be saving this class for the future! Thank you, Mia!
Loved This Class!
Emily H. - -
Great instruction and loved the poses
Great Class
Chelsea M. - -
I really enjoyed the quieting yet active effect of this class. Thank you!
jennifer s. - -
I've never done the splits before, today I did it and it felt so amazing.
Great class!
Nan T. - -
Awesome! I will definitely do again.
I feel amazing!
Denise C. - -
Great movements and instruction; I felt both challenged and grounded by the end. I'll definitely do this one again!
Great class
Vanessa P. - -
Challenging enough, yet relaxing!
Mary C. - -
Great sequence and cues
Amber N. - - (edited)
I absolutely loved this class. It flowed, but was not rushed at all. I feel both strengthened and stretched and it brought me joy even through a pandemic. Thank you, Mia. I feel great, body and mind.
Hope H. - -
With a focus on long holds and meticulous cuing, this class is challenging and grounding. I will be coming back to this again and again.
Tatiana M. - -
As always truly inspiring. Body and soul workout. Thank you!
Waller M. - -
I really enjoyed this class, stabilizing for the hips, strengthening for the upper back and calming to the mind :) . My first class here and flow in a while -- great for cues and unique yet mindful. Thanks :*)
Inge F. - -
Just did this on New Year's Eve with my kid. Great way to close the decade and usher in 2020!
Your truth; nobody else's
Heather W. - -
Always love Mia's classes! Soothing, lengthening, opening, but resting on a base of strength. Gentle reminders to "do you."
Great class...
Fernanda D. - -
I am not used to Mia style but she is a great teacher like all in Yoga Works...thanks a lot. Great class with mixed things...I enjoyed it.
Jody W. - -
I enjoyed this practice and Mia gave good instructions. However, for me, there was a little too much talking.
Thank you for a great class!
Anna R. - -
This class was just what I needed. The message really spoke to where I am at and brought me peace of mind. Mia you have always been one of my favorite instructors, your teaching is a gift! I will definitely do this class again soon :)
Always unique practice
MARY M. - -
After a month traveling, an excellent practice with Mia, is perfect for me.
Evangelia L. - -
Thanks for a great new class, Mia! Really nice, unique and inspiring flow.
Great for Tight Hamstrings
Amie M. - -
Excellent class with a unique flow. When I first started this class I thought, "Oops, wrong class for today, my hammies are too tight!" Then I realized my truth...I didn't need to do everything perfectly, I actually NEEDED this exact class and then relaxed into what I was able to do. I feel great! You definitely need a yoga strap or towel as well. Thank you!
Nicole J. - -
Great mix of stretching, balance, and strength work. You'll want a yoga strap in addition to the 2 blocks.
Jess L. - -
I did it. I did it! I did it! I did it! Too many weeks have passed since my last visit. This was just the moment of clarity I needed. I did it!
Lovely practice
Ann B. - -
I liked the transitions, especially from crescent to warrior 3. It challenged my balance and strength. I appreciated the guidance through shavasana and ohm, like a real studio class. Thank you!
unfollow fear, do follow truth
Star U. - -
great class! Thank you for both notion of class inspiration and great structural guidance with postures