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Great class
Vanessa P. - -
Challenging enough, yet relaxing!
Mary C. - -
Great sequence and cues
Amber N. - - (edited)
I absolutely loved this class. It flowed, but was not rushed at all. I feel both strengthened and stretched and it brought me joy even through a pandemic. Thank you, Mia. I feel great, body and mind.
Hope H. - -
With a focus on long holds and meticulous cuing, this class is challenging and grounding. I will be coming back to this again and again.
Tatiana M. - -
As always truly inspiring. Body and soul workout. Thank you!
Waller M. - -
I really enjoyed this class, stabilizing for the hips, strengthening for the upper back and calming to the mind :) . My first class here and flow in a while -- great for cues and unique yet mindful. Thanks :*)
Inge F. - -
Just did this on New Year's Eve with my kid. Great way to close the decade and usher in 2020!
Your truth; nobody else's
Heather W. - -
Always love Mia's classes! Soothing, lengthening, opening, but resting on a base of strength. Gentle reminders to "do you."
Great class...
Fernanda D. - -
I am not used to Mia style but she is a great teacher like all in Yoga Works...thanks a lot. Great class with mixed things...I enjoyed it.
Jody W. - -
I enjoyed this practice and Mia gave good instructions. However, for me, there was a little too much talking.
Thank you for a great class!
Anna R. - -
This class was just what I needed. The message really spoke to where I am at and brought me peace of mind. Mia you have always been one of my favorite instructors, your teaching is a gift! I will definitely do this class again soon :)
Always unique practice
MARY M. - -
After a month traveling, an excellent practice with Mia, is perfect for me.
Evangelia L. - -
Thanks for a great new class, Mia! Really nice, unique and inspiring flow.
Great for Tight Hamstrings
Amie M. - -
Excellent class with a unique flow. When I first started this class I thought, "Oops, wrong class for today, my hammies are too tight!" Then I realized my truth...I didn't need to do everything perfectly, I actually NEEDED this exact class and then relaxed into what I was able to do. I feel great! You definitely need a yoga strap or towel as well. Thank you!
Nicole J. - -
Great mix of stretching, balance, and strength work. You'll want a yoga strap in addition to the 2 blocks.
Jess L. - -
I did it. I did it! I did it! I did it! Too many weeks have passed since my last visit. This was just the moment of clarity I needed. I did it!
Lovely practice
Ann B. - -
I liked the transitions, especially from crescent to warrior 3. It challenged my balance and strength. I appreciated the guidance through shavasana and ohm, like a real studio class. Thank you!
unfollow fear, do follow truth
Star U. - -
great class! Thank you for both notion of class inspiration and great structural guidance with postures