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LIZ Still Strong
Bill B. - -
"Be like Mike" day s now "Be like Liz". Hard to get all the way through it without stopping!
Bill B. - -
Great workout. Liz is crazy strong.
Marianne K. - -
Hope to find time for this class often!
Anna G. - -
Really intense. That girl is in a great shape indeed!
Jen M. - -
Wow, short, intense, and effective! My upper body is feeling it.
Great Class
Lauren G. - -
I'll be incorporating this class a few times a week into my practice. It's an amazing upper body strengthening series that is quick and to the point. My arms are jello as I type this. It's very challenging but I highly recommend it.
Holy arms batman!
Katy T. - -
Very challenging!! I've got a bit of work to do before I'll be able to master this. My arms will be feeling this class for a couple of days. Great instruction!
very challenging -
Dina F. - -
good series but a bit too advanced for me, I'll work up to it and revisit. great instruction!
Please more!
Claudia A. - -
Vytas, I love this class! It's short and SO challenging. I like that it truly focuses entirely on your upper body. I was looking for something to strengthen my upper body and found this. I do this class often. It's helped a lot. Please post more classes like this!
Androulla H. - -
this was great! definitely feeling it in my arms, going to be sore tomorrow! thanks! the yoga reboot is amazing! great selection of classes!
Deborah P. - -
Love your classes, Vytas! I also have a question concerning vasisthasana> Why do we not want hips turning slightly up? I see a lot of students do this and I want to correct them, but be able to provide an explanation. Thanks!
Brooke H. - -
Nancy H. - -
Great class!