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Not a relaxing yin at all
Claudine DeJoie-Stanton - -
Instructor made no attempt to make this a yin class, he gave instructions and kept talking about the mechanics of the pose. Nothing about breath or body.
Too much talking
Kim MacLeod - -
Nice class but too much talking that wasn't really needed for it to be relaxing.
Lindsay Curren - -
If you're tight, or it's been a long active day, these subtle poses will challenge you. I agree with the sentiment of less talking —I'd like subtle suggestions and then let go..
good yin practice
Bridget Truxillo - -
sometimes yin is exactly what i need. Thank you David. I would love a yin video with less talking. maybe make it a "level 3" where you timely transition us through poses but no chatter in between.
C C - -
this practice squeezed the dirty water off a dishtowel, if i were one. thank you!...
Vanessa Robertson - -
It went by in a blink. Kept me wanting more.
Jenn Dacar - -
great yin class!!!
Vera Greenberg - -
Great stretch and very relaxing!