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Kera Z. - -
I love how Caley interspersed the poses with variations of Child's Pose. This is a challenging (but doable) exercise for me, and the resting poses came at exactly the right time.
Emma S. - -
Day 3 of 21 (due to time differences). I am not used to these kind of short classes, and I find myself feeling a bit unsatisfied. I am also strong in my upper body, so this was an easy practice. But I liked the movements, I just wished there were more of them...
Felt Great!!
Jessica R. - -
Now my wrists weren't strong enough to hold some of the planks, but I still enjoyed this practice. Even though is was more challenging then I was anticipating I will be doing this one again and hopefully build more strength in my wrists. Day 2 of 21 down and feeling great =D
Upper Body and CORE!
Madeleine H. - -
Caley said that if we found this practice difficult then we should do more of it. I guess I should play this one on repeat, then! It was simple but effective with a serious core-workout bonus! My guess is that core will be tomorrow's focus so this was a good lead-in. 20 minute yoga classes are yummy treats that can be enjoyed almost any time. Loving it!
Very challenging
mary g. - -
I take vinyasa classes regularly but I found this really hard. I was able to modify some poses but others, like the side chaturangas, were not at all doable for me. Day 2 of the 21 day program and I am feeling a little frustrated. I want to be challenged but this was outside of my reach.
Just right!
Varesha D. - -
Just the right amount of stretching vs working the arms, loved all the child's poses!!!