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Killer ab workout!
Jamie M. - -
Super intensive but it's the best ab workout! Helpful modifications make it doable.
Trinette F. - -
Super intense, but killed my neck as much as my abs. Couldn't get through it but will try again.
Awful neck strain!
Celine C. - -
Avoid if you are subject to neck issues, I had to go to a physio the next day, she does not realise the neck strain!
So intense!
LAILA E. - -
This was super intense and I loved it! Goal is to get through the whole thing without taking a break!
Lizbeth G. - - (edited)
OMG OMG OMG I loooooooved it
Super Intense AB Workout
natalia v. - -
this was crazy intense but awesome, loved it!
Vacation Ab Intensive
Prativa K. - -
Hello Lisa, Thank you so very much for the excellent Beginners' pop up class this afternoon in Costa Mesa and this challenging video as well. I appreciate how present you were and are. Until next time, Prati
Veronica R. - -
I’m not on vacation yet but this workout will definitely get me ready. Love it!!!
Challenging and gets results
Christine V. - -
These exercises are killer and they work. I've done other ab exercises that burn, but I always find myself coming back to this class because it's so much more effective. I feel my abs are flatter and stronger after doing these a couple of times in one week.
More please!!!
Ken M. - -
Love these classes definitely need more Pilates it’s such a great exercise for your body and the longer the harder the better!!!!
Hard workout
Jennifer M. - -
I had trouble understanding the final part of was like doing dolphin pose and trying to twist at the same time. Definitely can feel my abs now.
Great class!
Lindsay B. - -
I Love Lisa's classes and have missed them so much since I can't go due to having 2 small children at home all day. It's just like being in her class! More Would love to have more of Lisa's pilates classes :) :)
Carisa H. - -
This was intense! Great an workout!
More Lisa
Stephanie P. - -
Could we have more Lisa's pilates classes PLEASE, she is fantastic
Quick, Intense Workout
Meaghan Q. - -
Had to take a few breaks during this one - very intense, great workout!
Lisa is the Best!
Elizabeth M. - -
These videos are just like being in Lisa's class. Her cueing is impeccable and the sequences are both challenging and fun!
BRIAN L. - -
Terrific ab workout!
Fast and Efficient
jessica b. - -
This was an intensive class, but the teacher gave such great explanations and motivation that it helped the time pass with proper body mechanics!
Cheryl C. - -
Intense, and perfect!
So efficient, just like class!
Johanna R. - -
Hi! Hi! I SO loved that the pace of this was exactly like being in her live classes, and that there wasn't 7 minutes of intro/warm-up! Yay!
Will P. - -
This was a super intense class and I loved it!!!! More like a lvl 3 though. No breaks the whole video!!
Heather L. - -
That was a great ab workout!Thanks!
Elizabeth A. - -
What a phenomenal series!! The perfect ab workout for any vacation!