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Every transition matters
Lisa T. - -
I enjoy Jenny's teaching style. She reminds you that every detail matters. And she's very descriptive and clear in her instructions. Love that back traction tip!
Great healing class
Huda M. - -
That class was so healing . It involved all the asanas I love, and a reminder that I have to work more on handstand with belts.
Really cool class
Martina C. - -
Loved how you kept the blocks during the whole class and how you integrated the Iyengar practice into a flow class. Inspiring! /Martina from Sweden
Level 2 but Almost 1
Ana O. - -
I liked the class, but is very slow 😉
Great class
beata a. - -
Great sequence!
Not a level 3
Alexa O. - -
definitely not a level 3 class. pretty frustrating when these classes aren't labeled properly :(
Nicole C. - -
Great exploration of vinyasa elements; Jenny provides new ways to work through each part of a vinyasa series.
Sara G. - -
Amazing instruction, amazing sequencing. Jenny is the best.
Alissa A. - -
is it just me or does this class end in the middle of the sequence??! we were about to go into the inversion vinyasa and it just ended there :(
Sofia D. - - (edited)
I am confused too...not very clean/clear, .... peak pose(s)??