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Amazingly nourishing flow
Ken Martin - -
Wow I’m feeling amazing right now completely lost myself in this flow class. You are a very gifted talented instructor really are one of my favorites..I’m looking forward to more classes being added I love your teachings!!
Like a massage
Cheryl Fischer - -
Loved this class. I have very tight shoulders and pectorals, and a neck injury. Some classes aimed at the neck and shoulders can make me feel worse, but this opened and warmed up the muscles and after the class I felt as relaxed in my neck/shoulders/back/chest as I might after a massage.
Namaste here for a while
LaQuita Harris - -
Now THIS was a good class! Maybe I have more energy but it was so good I wasn't even bothered by all the sun salutations! Added to my fav...I hope the crown is even better
2 Thumbs Up!
Jessica Raymer - -
I missed day 11 and day 12 practice so to make them up I decided to do one of Mia's chakra classes. It has ben a while since I focused on one of my chakra, and since turquoise is one of my favorite colors I decided to give this one a try. Very nice and stimulating practice. I felt the burn, but I also felt my throat opening. Thank you Mia =D
Anna Kuzel - -
When I'm stressed out I get the stiffest neck and shoulders - this class is perfect! There aren't enough classes that focus on this area. Thanks Mia for helping me with my problem area! And it doesn't hurt that turquoise is my favorite color too :)
vishuddha chakra flow
Jenny Salcido - -
I loved this class especially the visualization of the turquoise color!
Very well designed class
Patrizia Milano - -
Love the chakra flow series. This one in particular has so much specific attention directed to the areas of the throat, neck and shoulders which is where most of us hold tension. Very well designed and taught. Love Mia.
jennifer villena - -
This was wonderful. I felt light after a long day. Mia has a wonderful way of communicating and teaching, I like her style and spiritual aspect she pulls into the practice.
I can feel my chakras!
Melissa Krumholt - -
I love Mias chakra flow series. I always feel better after my practice, no matter which chakra is focused on. Mia is a great teacher and I love her explanations of how the chakras affect our spiritual and daily lives.
mia is amazing!
Jacqueline Thompson - -
such a gifted teacher. love this flow
Salamba Sarvangasana!
Minta Allred - -
Great practice. I love the chakra spiritual aspect woven throughout. Well rounded. Amazing backbends and LOVE that it ends with shoulderstand! xx