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Wonderful way to wake up & start the day
Emiliya Dale - -
Loved this yoga practice. I loved the intention in this practice. Be a human being not a human doing. So powerful. Thank you so much. I'm now excited to start the day. I'm even going to journal this morning which never happens for me.
Waking Up With Yoga
Sheila Clark - -
Wonderful class--at least the part I could hear. Is there any way to increase the volume?
Prativa Knox - -
Thank you so much.
Great morning session!
Kathy Barrick - -
Liked the variety of stretches; meditation at the end was a good way to set my intention for the day ahead!
Felicia Vinces - -
Though the volume is very hard to follow from time to time.
Lovely awakening
Shanna Holako - -
But volume at max capacity was still very hard to hear!
Very smooth way of waking up!
Amber Antonio - -
A very nice start to the day! :) Smooth & relaxing. I really liked the meditation at the end.
A great start to the day
Joanna R - -
This is great first thing in the morning when I work from home and have a little more time to do a slightly longer AM practice. Afterwards I feel relaxed, stretched and envigorated ready to face the day. Thanks so much! :)
julie wood - -
Perfect amount of work, perfect amount of time. I feel calm and awake!
Debbie Hallock - -
Grateful for the perfect morning practice. After watching grandchildren this weekend with lots of floor play and holding baby, it's just what my body needed. I will definitely being using this practice often.
Gonzalo Rodriguez - -
Thank you Birgitte! I am hard as a rock and you gave me plenty of time to find my proper bro-place.
Shantelle Rogers - -
That is one of the first classes Ive finished in a week. It was very relaxing. I liked that Brigitte gives individuals time to pace themselves and adjust. Great morning session to wake up the body with.
Nancy LaScala - -
Great morning slow wake up or even afternoon after a hike.
Katherine Miller - -
i am NOT a morning person. this was a fantastic way to get the blood flowing and ready my mind for my day.
Loved it!
Mariah Bonner - -
This was great - a perfect gentle morning wakeup!