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Deceptively Advanced
Lindsay C. - -
This class is very deceptive in a few ways. Let me explain. It is billed as "beginner" or Level 1 but could also be called "And for Ascended Yoga Masters." In recent years yoga has become very un-yoga like in its emphasis on fast, furious, sweaty, and even competitive and narcissistic ("look at my yoga pose Instagrams!"). An essential aspect of yoga — an INDISPENSABLE aspect of yoga — is the connection to, and increase of, inner awareness. And that is hard to tap into if your emphasis is so regularly on a fast flow billed as a "workout." You might get a stretch workout, but I'm not sure many of those classes are actually real, true yoga anymore. This gem of a class is different. Because it takes time, and because Erin has consistent reminders about breath, awareness, and an inner eye on anatomy, you're able to both get a deep and profound stretch (including an amazing alignment) in this brief class, but also truly tune in to your consciousness/self-system and live the yoga deeply into your heart-mind-soul connection. You could do this class 100 times and always find something new IF you could achieve the kind of inner focus at the heart of this little class. It's also deceptive in that it says that it is "for the back," which it undoubtedly is. But far greater whole-body alignment is achieved in this sequence, including the legs, knees, hips, shoulders, and neck. I felt 6 inches taller after the first time I did it. I believe you could do no other yoga class than this for 30 days straight and be totally transformed in body, mind, and spirit. If there's any critique it's that there could be a longer version also (version B of the same class) with maybe a five minute post-routine breathing/meditation before the class ends. I'd love to see Erin do one of these specifically designed for knee issues. She's a master!
Day 1 - Warming Up to Yoga
Kristee S. - -
This was a very calm and relaxing class, perfect for day one of the Happy New You journey. I loved how she explained focusing on your breath and focusing on different parts of the body. Got some good stretches in, too! Looking forward to tomorrow's class!
I have found what I have been looking for!
Kristeen L. - -
I am 46 and had this feeling that I was missing something. I started a diet and have been doing well and feel great I went to a yoga class fo the 1st time and TADA!! I found just what what I was missing. I have a bad back and doctors want to do surgery, I said no. Yoga has been helping me for the back pain and for my stress levels. So now, evn though I work 50 hours a week I can come to you all here and BREATHE! Thank you!!
Fast and furious
Karen V. - -
Never imagined dolphin pose would feel like a break! Great class!
Lau M. - -
Day 2 of 14: Thank you I'm here!
Warming up to Yoga
Donna B. - -
So glad I'm in day 2 of the Challenge . this feels so good
Lau M. - -
Day 1 of 14: Thank you I'm here. ❤
Lauren M. - -
Loved this...just what I needed to get started again.
Perfect way to wind down
Sharon S. - -
So glad I decided to do this video for day 1, so relaxing and deeply calming, felt really great to bring so much awareness to my lower back which is often neglected, the perfect way to wind down for the evening!
Diane S. - -
A little calm for me but very relaxing. I will try level two tomorrow.
Katey R. - -
After a really long day of school and work, it was so relaxing and rejuvinating to work out the stress in my body. love, loved it!
day 1
Brittany C. - -
good day 1 excited for more
Day One Done SON!
Tim S. - -
This was perfect for me! My low back needed some love and this was great for destressing and loosening up! Can't wait to see what's in store for Day 2! :)
Catherine J. - -
So relaxed and energized at the same time! Thank you.
Yalina P. - -
I'm practice yoga frequently, but this was great to get back to the basics!
Mercedes C. - -
I loved this class. I feel renewed and relaxed! Thanks a lot
1st timer
Rosanna G. - -
Day 1 of the 14-day challenge. My first time trying yoga -- Just what i needed, feel very relaxed and calm. Loving it so far!
Rachel B. - -
It's been a while since I've done yoga, so I appreciate starting off with this slow, relaxing, and very helpful video. Great way to start the challenge!
Easing back into yoga
Lisa C. - -
This was just what I needed! Appreciated the explanation of each movement and where to draw your attention to. Thank you!
michele m. - -
Thank you for a relaxing practice
Warmin' Up to Warmn' Up
Heather S. - -
This was a great intro into this whole challenge!!! I love it one day down 13 to go, lets do this!!!!
Gentle, Mindful Practice
Marilyn D. - -
I am so glad this was part of the yoga challenge! I haven't done this video before, but I will definitely revisit it on days where I need something gentle and peaceful.
Warming up!
Debra T. - -
Day 1 - Easy movements for the lower back. Good instructions to keep in mind and be mindful. Ahhh...
Day 1 done
Anita Y. - -
Started from the very beginning. It felt good easing back into the practice. Happy to be in the challenge and work on being strong again.
Haylie C. - -
Great way to start the challenge!
I can do this...
Catherine L. - -
Day one achieved. Congrats to me and everyone else in this challenge... Body and mind feel great...
Day 1 acheived
Shirley Y. - -
Im pleased that Ive actually started and my goodness my hips and legs needed stretching!
Dale A. - -
A great after work sequence!
Just what I needed!
Terry H. - -
Great beginning class! It was great to relax my back & focus my mind. Thank you!
Alexeyeva S. - -
Great class. Thank you!
This was very Relaxing for my back
Kathryn H. - -
Great for anytime, but I did it after a long day of exercise and housework. It really helped to relax my back and all over. Felt so amazing! Thank you!
Happy Back!
Amanda C. - -
This was great for my back! I have a lot of back issues and this was just wonderful for it!
Fernanda G. - -
Slow pace, calming , relaxing class, felt good on my sore muscles as a Bellydancer it is always good to take a moment for those mellow downs.
Brenda f. - -
Are there any videos which don't requ blocks or straps? I haven't gotten any blocks yet, and no one in my home seems to know what's happened to my strap
Gina K. - -
re: typo: you Say different inches on each side.
Gina K. - -
curious when we have the strap, you sat different inches. on the right, 4 each way, on left 5, and "a couple". i've noticed that on another one of your videos. what is the reason for that? thanks.
Warming up to yoga
Pauline M. - -
,this was a gentle and supporting introduction for me, it was not difficult to follow and the instructors voice was calm and soothing. I really liked it. Thank you so much.
Tina S. - -
The movements seem small, but Erin takes every second of this practice very seriously. I've been tense for so long and this little video really helped me relax ALL over Thank you, Erin! I look forward to more and deeper practice with your guidance,
Kate M. - -
My back muscles are so tense that just lying down on the mat hurts. After this short but extremely effective and relaxing video, I feel significantly better - the pain is gone. Thank you for this wonderful end to a hectic day!
Awesome for back relief
Annette R. - -
I am about intermediate level. I want to say that my lower back and hips feel awesome during this stretch. Don't let the fact that it is listed as a beginner level keep you from using this video when you need back and hip relief. Feels great!!
Warming up to Yoga
Donna B. - -
That felt really gooood! :) Thank you Erin! Donna Byrnes
Joanna R. - -
Another good stretch out perfect for the start of the day. I did this without the straps and blocks as I am not a total beginner- so don't be put off by that.
Janelle C. - -
Sweeeeeeet! ;) Thank you Erin!
That felt good!
Andrea T. - -
Great relaxing stretch!
Warming up to yoga
Patty W. - -
Good beginner class. Enjoyed it!
Karen D. - -
very good class. Thank you