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Very good workout
Fran K. - -
I have a very regular yoga practice and so the wrist workout was a bit tough, but nothing that I couldn’t handle. I liked the class a lot, but it was strenuous, even tho I never had to use child’s pose for a break. I did miss not having any core work or balances besides the one crow. I will, however, put this in my rotation of classes. I’ll just make sure that the classes I take around it are more inclusive.
Boot camp
Katie R. - -
I was looking for a 60 minute vinyasa class and this one popped up as an option. For me, the poses are held too long and it feels more like boot camp than a vinyasa practice. That said, I feel like I got a good workout and appreciate the thoroughness of Erin’s cues.
too much wrist
Eda E. - -
Sore wrist
Marianne K. - -
While I really enjoyed the class and instructor, the warmup was not enough for the strenuous wrist work at the beginning. I participated first thing in the morning, my usual time for yoga. Don’t recommend without a warmup as I’m paying for it now. Sad, as the instructor is very good.
Lynn G. - -
Great class, concise directions and i feel great after! My only problem, and it's more me than the class, was I could not hold poses for as long and may have sneaked in a few child poses:) But definitely a GREAT CLASS!
not for sore wrists and shoulders
Anouschka W. - -
poses are held very long and many are on your wrists...
Karmi S. - -
Erin is a truly gifted teacher both in person and on line. She gives very clear. motivating instructions and really keeps you present. I love the pace, the insentisty and her style. I really think you will enjoy Erin and this class. Can't wait to do all her videos, she gives such inspiring instruction.
Amazing Practice
Patricia S. - -
I loved Erin's classes in WC and love them here. She's an amazing teacher that offers clear, concise instruction:). A gifted teacher!