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Donald O. - -
Really liked Jesse's instruction. Looking forward to taking more of her classes!
lots of commentary
Simone P. - -
if you like that. I loved the flow but personally felt like there was too much talking. Got distracting.
Love this class- feel great after
Erika P. - -
Anytime I wake up feeling sluggish or "bound up" in my torso or slow digestion this class gets me loose and it feels like it gets my organs flowing and functioning better. It is challenging but not overly so. I feel great every time I do this class.
Lots of heat, lots of twists, feel great
Maura T. - -
This is probably my favorite class on this website. I've tried a lot of the detox classes just because I feel like most are well rounded and leave me feeling great. I feel like this one takes the cake though. I feel like it's tough enough to challenge you every time with poses that you can keep taking further and further as you improve, but not so tough that it's overwhelming on the body. I could do this daily and it never gets old... The other great thing that I like about being able to do it over and over is that it allows me to free my mind a bit more whether I want to get a bit meditative or whether I want to listen to a podcast.
Christina C. - -
I feel the same and feel like I could have written this review. :) I love all of Jesse's classes but this is, by far, my favorite.
very heating
Sharon V. - -
I closed window in apartment heat was on and wow this class I really feel good.
Great class!
Fernanda D. - -
Jesse is such expert...great class!
Cheryl R. - -
This class is all about twisting. You also build heat through holding the twists for a few breaths and through surya namaskar A and B. Overall good class with a slight increase in heart rate.
ginger r. - -
This class has the perfect blend of twisting, stretching, heating up the body and feeling amazing when it is finished~
ginger r. - -
This class has the perfect blend of twisting, stretching, heating up the body and feeling amazing when it is finished~
Très bien!
Virginia M. - -
More like level 2-3, no scary poses ;-)
Angela L. - -
I agree. Enjoyed very much but more a level 2 than 3.
Sweaty w/lots of twists
Tina R. - -
Feeling great!
Regina C. - -
Great class! Thank you!
you'll feel amazing after
Sharon S. - -
I remember feeling reluctant the first time I tried this because it's level 3 but it's the perfect balance of strength and stretching with a lot of challenging twists. I agree that this is great for when you feel something coming on like a cold/allergies/illness, I've done it probably 5 times since and I always feel rejuvenated after. Would love to see more of these!
Excellent Detox Class
Wendy P. - -
Fun and challenging! I was feeling a bit meh and after reading reviews for this class I decided to take it. I'm so glad I did! I feel energized and ready to take on the rest of my day.
Laura S. - -
Thank you. This practice really helped my chest congestion and decreased my cough... unbelievable! Namaste.
loved it
Diane C. - -
thanks jesse, great class
Perfect detox for cold/flu season
Brittany T. - -
Past day or so I have been feeling either some brutal seasonal allergies symptoms or the onset of a cold/flu. I have to be on my death bed to go a day without getting some endorphins in so this class was perfect! I love challenging myself in difficult level 3 classes normally but knew I shouldn't over do it. The title says it all! Great variety of stretching, strength, and twisting. I highly recommend if you wan't to give your immune system a little boost!
Loved this class!
Audra M. - -
Tough detox class, but I felt great afterwards!
What a great sequence!
Mary N. - -
I absolutely love how I feel after this class!
Perfect detox class
Michelle R. - -
This is one of my favorites..although I say that to so many. Jessie - this was just perfect...please make more like this but an hour length!!
More like this PLEASE!
Dawn N. - -
This is my absolute favorite! Please do more of these well rounded detox videos! This is a great mix of detox, core, legs, etc. and a good length of a workout too. Please, please, please produce more like this one!
Definitely Well Rounded
Vanessa F. - -
What a great detox! I have to admit after 4th of July celebrations, this particular practice was a bit harder than usual, but it was nice to really concentrate on the breath and be okay in the moment no matter how hard it seemed. Sweaty detox centered practices are always great! Thanks!
Katlin L. - -
That felt amazing... I had a couple of beers at a baseball game last night and this was exactly what I needed to feel toxin-free again. Thank you :)
Good detox
Kathryn H. - -
This was a good detox class. Not terribly challenging, probably more appropriately labeled as Level 2.
Michael K. - -
Wonderful and challenging. Just what my body could handle and just what it needed.
Love it!
Anne T. - -
Im doing a juice cleanse and this program right along with. Awesome!