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Sydni Adler - -
Gradually paced and challenging (strength-wise). Loved the alignment cues!
Healing practice //
Jannice Strand - -
Both emotionally and physically !! Thank you again and again Anne <3
Very healing practice
Huda Mussa - -
That practice removed most of my tightness in my body while working mindfully
Cues galor!
Bayley Schneider - -
Awesome class with so many wonderful cues that many forget or dont know about. Thank you!
Frida Caroline Bjerkan - -
Liked this one! Educating too :-)
Tiffany Heller - -
Loved this, Anne - SOOO what I needed after a crazy week.
Heather Schwitalla - -
Really great for opening the shoulders, but not very rigorous. I didn't break a sweat. Overall, a good sequence.
Hayleigh Zachary - -
Amazing opening for the shoulders! More videos from Anne please!
Jobiana Gabrielli - -
This was a perfect start to eliminate that nagging neck pain. I will be coming back to this video. Thank you.
Andrew Van Kampen - -
I wish I knew this was an hour and 14 minutes not just 14 minutes. After 34 minutes I checked the time and saw I wasn't even half way done.
liz hull - -
I loved this sequence. It's an overall thorough practice when you need to take it easy and remember alignment cues. Also, Anne used the blocks in ways I never would've considered for some really wonderful opening and stretching. Less of a prop and more of a tool. I'm definitely taking notes! Many thanks to you Anne!
Perfect Challenge
Christina Padien - -
As a person who suffers from chronically tight chest and shoulders, this sequence was perfect. Challenging enough that I will keep coming back, but not so challenging as to be discouraging. Thanks, Ann.
Bo mcgenITy - -
Your videos are so helpful, glad to have you back to my daily practice. Looking forward to seeing more of you on line.
Wonderful as usual
Jen Rabung - -
So lovely to bring your voice and instruction into my kitchen! Wonderful way to start a rainy Monday. Thanks Anne.