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Claudia M. - -
I loved it. ACHE! Otter hugs
alia m. - -
Love Dan's minimalist teaching style. Challenging moves for Level 2, but hey why not challenge ourselves a little. Maybe you fall, big deal. Will put this one in my rotation.
Challenging Yet Achievable
Kathleen K. - -
I found this to be a High-Intermediate class, which is why i liked it because I feel like I am not quite ready for level 3, but this was a step in that direction. I also like how Dan doesn't talk between instructions. I am sure some people may want more verbal cues or encouragement, but I prefer less talking, so I enjoyed this video. I enjoyed the strength building and moments to challenge yourself with different poses like side crow and warrior 3.
Not my favorite
Julie T. - -
I totally get why people would respond well to David's sparse teaching style, but for me it was dull and unmotivating 🙈 I was also surprised at how quickly we moved into more advanced poses, specifically Eka Pada Bakasana, without any instruction or modifications, making this class seem more suited to Level 3. The ease with which those poses were incorporated by both models was intimidating and I actually just stopped the video halfway through because I was having a Bad Time.
Easy class
Emma Y. - -
Level 2 moves, but a lot of stretching
Very Good
Dave G. - -
A very good class. Highly recommended during the quarantine and beyond. I enjoyed the Warrior 1 with a twist.
Wonderful, well-rounded session
Mackenzie S. - -
This is one of my favorite practices I've come across so far. Yes, you do need to pause in the beginning to add the left side quad stretch, but otherwise it is truly complete. The perfect balance of inner stillness, physical movement, stretching, strengthening and challenging... all in 38.5 minutes! I added some modifications and props when needed. I will definitely return to this practice!
Cheryl R. - -
A very good class to stretch out your body. Not very challenging in terms of strength or cardio. Also there's a long shavasana at the end so it's more like a 34 minute 'workout' portion.
good practice
Keli L. - -
second side of the quad stretch in the beginning is missing , had to include it on my own at the end . other than that a good practice , I might consider this a level 2/3 tho
Very Good
Quinn C. - -
Overall I really enjoyed this class! However, the other comments are correct in that the second side of the hamstring stretch is not included. I just paused and added it in myself.
Beautiful Practice
Julia P. - -
I feel so centered after this practice. Didn’t feel the need to look at the time even once.
beautiful practice
Patrizia M. - -
Really enjoyed yet another of of Dan's practices. Just the right amount of everything and even though it's 38 minutes long it does fulfill the purpose of a full practice. Besides his tone, sequencing and instruction, Dan's presence alone is very soothing and supportive. Thank you Dan. Namaste
Probably Level 2.5 - but just lovely.
Sonja L. - -
As a busy new mother, I don't have a lot of time to exercise, and this is fantastic for stretching a sore back and for rebuilding strength. There are a few arm balances that make this more of a level 2.5 or even level 3 though! Thank you Dan - great practice.
Ericka N. - -
This is a well-rounded practice with a bit of an emphasis on twists. The instructor has a peaceful demeanor and his speech is purposeful. I'll definitely be doing this one again. Thank you!
Just what I need
Sarah S. - -
A strong and revitalizing practice that I will come back to again and again. Perfect when you don’t have a full hour but need a good flow and a sense of balance. Just remember to add the second side at the beginning.
great practice
Bridget T. - -
I have come to appreciate Dan's classes a lot. His classes and sequences are great, and I look forward to his classes when i want a class that is less chatty, less talking, less words. Just good yoga. FYI, in the beginning of this video, the 2nd side of the quad stretch is accidentally edited out.
"Get Involved"
greg w. - -
New mantra, thanks Dan.
Fun practice, poor edit
Aaron M. - -
Nice to have this practice from Dan Ward. There are several arm balances and a headstand in here. I'll let others debate whether that makes this a level 2 or 3 practice. One thing to take note of at the beginning of the video when doing the hamstring stretch (supta ardha virasana)....the second side is edited out for some reason. If like me, you're not watching the video closely and you assume that Dan will come back for the other side, you'll be wrong and a bit lopsided. Just push pause and do the second side. I wish YogaWorks would do a better job editing,....
Patrizia M. - -
Thanks for the tip. I am about to do this practice and will def keep that in mind :)