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Perfect class
Helen B. - -
Really enjoyed every element of this class. Will definitely be doing it regularly. Thank you Dan!
Excellent class, good vibes.
Jennifer B. - -
Challenging yet detoxifying for the soul after a long day. All the elements of a flow class with some great pointers to improve poses.
Gentle and relaxing
Vanessa M. - -
After just two classes, I'm now a fan of Dan. He's got a lovely gentle style of teaching. A few slightly more challenging poses, but generally after this class I felt relaxed and rooted.
Simply great!
Maria M. - -
This class combines clear instructions with a solid sequence and a touch of fun that will give you the energy and focus to embrace the rest of the day :)
Please Continue the "Less talking and more doing!"
Francine B. - -
We are hooked!
As for the Rangoon...
Francine B. - -
we don't have that in my region of the French Alps. Maybe a Marmotte will do? ;-)
So effective
Francine B. - -
Simpl, rich and effective at the same time. Merci, Dan. I feel recoonected to the pleasure of yoga. Namaste.
Amanda S. - -
I enjoy Dan's style and this practice is fun, challenging, and restful. Perfect way to transition from work from home, to home.
Laura T. - -
Exactly what I needed in the narrow window of time I had to practice. Dan is an exceptional, insightful teacher. I'll be doing this class again for sure.
Lovely short practice
Elizabeth C. - -
Just what I needed during quarantine on a day where I squeezed this in on lunch break after an early morning jog. Feel stretched and energized.
Loved it!
Sarah C. - -
Great flow for 30 min. So easy to follow, challenged and nice soothing voice. Thank you!
Highly recommend
Kaely G. - -
I really enjoyed this class! It's a great combination of familiar and unfamiliar poses and sequences. Great way to start the day.
Loved it!
i b. - -
Perfect mini 30 minute flow—hits all the components.
Daniella F. - -
Loved this class!!
Jalon F. - -
Lovely, unique, well balanced flow into a beautiful savasana
Calming Flow
Sarah F. - -
Enjoyed this flow - really got a little bit of everything in a short period of time. Aside from a few cues, Dan doesn't talk much, which is something I appreciate.
Perfect 30 minute flow
Michelle R. - -
This class is the perfect amount of strength and stretch and even includes shoulder stand. In just under 30 minutes you'll feel like you've had a complete practice. Really loved this one. Dan - please make more classes like this!!!
Patrizia M. - -
Recently I have been doing Dan's 'Less Talking ore Doing' flows almost regularly. I got used to his supper streamlined and essential cues and was curious to try a practice where he gave more verbal instruction. I was pleasantly surprised by how in spite of the talking his presence really kept me calm and grounded without stimulating too much conscious thinking. I really enjoyed this flow and want to renew my request for longer versions of level 2 or 3 Less Talking and More Doing classes. Namaste and thank you Dan :)
Calming and energizing at the same time!
Nicole L. - -
Wonderful teacher with very helpful directions. Grateful for the minimal talk and interesting sequence.
Unique transitions, wonderful teacher
Anne K. - - (edited)
This was my first class with Dan. He is a calming presence while providing exceptional cueing. As an instructor myself, I look for unique transitions and sequencing, and Dan provided that. I'll definitely look for more from him. Thank you, Dan!
Nice variety of poses
Sonia G. - -
The teacher cues well and I enjoyed the unusual mix of poses.
Toni D. - -
I tried something different and really enjoyed it.
Great Class
Megan N. - -
Dan is an excellent teacher, I really like him. Good class to ease some back pain!
Samantha H. - -
Great class that is both energizing and relaxing at the same time. Dan's voice is very calming and he gives excellent cues.
Margot B. - -
blood pumping and great twists
Engaging Class
Liz K. - -
First time with Dan. Dan seamlessly incorporated a lot of stretches into the class which was perfect for my overworked sore body. I agree with previous commentator that the class went by quickly. I usually check the timer but not this time. This one is going onto my regular playlist. Thanks Dan!
Gentle flow
Sara N. - -
Blood not pumping but Dan has a very gentle energy will take again when I’m in that zone. I enjoyed all the forward folds!
Fabulous Teaching!
Karen K. - -
Thank you, Dan— after more than one year of regular practice on myyogaworks, this is the first class I’ve taken with you— I absolutely loved every minute- it was just suddenly over; so I’ll be taking it again! I love the way you teach: a calming yet lively & enthusiastic voice and especially precise and yet not overly detailed instructions— I learned so much!
Not really a flow
Kristi C. - -
Great class! Not really a flow but it is a challenge sequence that will get your heart pumping and get you sweating
Great new addition to Myyogaworks!
Lauren K. - -
Excited to take more of Dan's classes. This was a great preview. The cue to lengthen the top of the glutes towards the heels in forward folds was incredibly helpful and a great tool for tighter bodies and athletes.
Natalie F. - -
This practice seems closer to a level 3 than 2
Melinda T. - -
I agree! I LOVED it, but I've been taking classes on MyYogaworks since 2013 and it seems a little more challenging than other Level 2 classes. I loved Dan's style, sequencing, and cues — just the right amount of explanation to get me focused in on my body in some new and interesting ways!
Just what I needed....
Kristen K. - -
This was my first class of Dan’s and it was wonderful. I enjoyed the unique arrangement of his poses/flow and it was the perfect amount of stretch and heat first thing in the morning. I will certainly be looking for more of his classes. Thank you.