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Slow paced, yet you can surely feel your muscles turn on. Good longer holds and good coaching (coaxing?) from Calvin.
Good Isometric Work with Lengthening Focus
Mitzi M. - - (edited)
My arthritic joints would like more warm up at the beginning but I truly liked this class. I appreciate the continuous stream of cues so I focus on alignment instead of fatigue! I noticed I liked this instructor right away and I will do this class again.
Great different class!
Fernanda D. - -
This is surely a different type of class structure but I enjoyed it. Sun salutes are at the end...a type of reverse class. Different and pleaseant. Thanks Calvin.
Needs warm up
Barbara G. - -
I usually love a class with long holds, but I just wish this one had more of a warm up at the beginning. (I had to stop after Pigeon since I could tell my IT Band attachment was not happy with me.) Maybe I'll come back to this one in the warmer weather, or do it after a short flow class next time.
Lauren F. - -
Strong and grounding with the long poses. So helpful to stay with the pose and breath for a few minutes per post to build body awareness, strength, and connect with this meditative state.
Good for strength and focus
Kate T. - -
This is a great class! Calvin teaches so well and although this is somewhat of a workshop, it's also a superb Iyengar/long holds class. Great attention to form and plenty of challenge as you work to keep your alignment and your breath steady. Thank you Calvin! A+++
Enjoyed the Class
Claire L. - -
I like the long holds. Very detailed alignment instructions. Challenging but not too difficult. Thanks!
Tessa F. - -
Thank you. This was a tough class for a flow-oriented lass, but really great to build strength and clarify alignment. I feel very open afterwards, especially across the shoulders and upper back.
Colette B. - -
Amazing! Will do this one again!
Vanessa R. - -
I think this might be my favorite Calvin class so far. The long holds and stretches were very much needed. The alignment tips helped keep me in check and made me more in tune during these longer holds. Thanks so much for another amazing class.