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great really what I needed
Sharon V. - -
so good loved the flow giving my wrists and arms and shoulders a much needed breaks. her classes are awesome. recommend highly.
Jessica S. - -
Thank you Sharon. I'm on YW livestream M/W 6:00pm and Fridays 11:00am, come se me:) OC channel.
Julia C. - -
I struggle with moderate wrist pain and carpal tunnel and have had to cut back on my practice as a result, sadly. This class was exactly what I needed to start easing back into yoga without any fear. I did break a sweat with the standing poses and feel like I got a pretty good workout in just 20ish minutes. Jessica is wonderful and I will be looking for more of her classes. Please create more (and longer) classes like this for those of us with sensitive wrists!
Nanette W. - -
Thanks Jessica - EXACTLY what I needed while out of town after a long road trip to Santa Fe. Bless you
Perfect to avoid shoulder/neck pain!
Michelle W. - -
I can get shoulder and neck pain from too many chatarungas, so this flow was perfect for me. I loved the toning and balancing aspects of this sequence of poses.
Jolevette M. - -
I can't do downward facing dog and have carpel tunnel-this class is now my go to for an extremely uplifting flow. Thank you so much! I hope you share more classes like this!
Tiffany L. - -
Such a nice flowing class! I feel so relaxed and clear minded. I would love more classes like this.
Jessica S. - -
Thank you. Stay tuned. Hopefully more to come:).
Thank you!
Melissa O. - -
So nice to give my wrists a break!
Jessica S. - -
Thank you Melissa, all in balance, right :).
Excellent Class
Hill K. - -
More classes like this please!!!
Jessica S. - -
Will do, thank you for your feedback.
Great class!
Tanya Z. - -
Clear, easy to follow directions. A great morning class to get my day started without pressure on my sore wrist!
Jessica S. - -
Thanks Tanya, hopefully more to come.