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Well-Rounded w/Excellent Pacing
Heather Wells - -
Fun, well-paced sequences that gave a great stretch. Perfect after a day in an airplane! Would have loved those extra few minutes to make it a full hour -- maybe in holding the yin poses for the whole 3 minutes instead of asking the audience to use a timer. The arm balance kind of came out of nowhere, but the scaffolding toward parvrita was awesome.
Nice class
Kristin Roman - -
I love the mix of yang and yin yoga.
Loved the balance!
Francisca Rollan - -
Loved how the class shifted from a slow paced, still quite challenging sequence, to some very soothing final poses. Really leaves you feeling good! Thank yo David!
Great Yin Yang
Jenn Menzer - -
Awesome~! thanks David
First online class!
Karla Wade - -
Good class, joined through a living social deal and finally redeemed my membership. Glad I did, I was in the car for 7 hours today and doing this class helped me move and restore my posture!
Great class!
Polina Sasso - -
This was my first 50 something minutes class, usually I take max 30 min, hence I get bored to do it along. I like that class is different from other classes: switches from flow to stillness. Thanks!
Great Class
Victoria Nolte - -
I subscribe to the yoga collective but have done the classes so many times I know them by heart. I'm self taught and this was the first class I tried. I really liked the variations. Something new and different and challenging. I could do everything but the handstand. The only thing I wish for with a 50 min class that moves into vinyasa flow building heat pretty quickly would be a little warm up or breathing to set intention for the practice, etc. Single pigeon would have been nice for me during yin part since I have tight hips but I will most definitely be doing this class multiple times. I feel great afterwards. Namaste.
Shannon Lind - -
Fun sequencing. Thanks!
Claire Rush - -
Great class, very balanced, which is what I love in a yoga class!
Balance is best
janine weiche - -
Wasn't sure what to expect . After some good poses and lots of flow we did the yin part. Was awesome! Just brought everything together and made me feel balanced inside and out. Definitely ready for the day!
Jenn Dacar - -
lovely practice! Namaste
My Favorite Class on the Site!
Kimberly Buccieri - -
This is my favorite set of sequences on the entire site. This gives you a little bit of everything all in under an hour. I feel like a million bucks when Im done! Thanks again David for another fantastic class!
Gina Hoag - -
love his sequencing!!! What a great class!
Sierra Garrett - -
Great class, the flow was amazing and the asana cues were wonderful!
Minta Allred - -
Loved this practice! I really enjoyed the combination of the vigorous (never ending ;) chaturangas followed by the Yin Yoga! Wow. Very well done.
Good Flow + Relaxing
Laura Maly - -
Good class. Love David Kim.