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May I
Dani M. - -
... double heart this class? Clear, strong and soft.
Gailanne G. - - (edited)
after a day in ny traffic, in covid crazed angst all around, schools, open/closed, i decided to do only the yin piece as i had practiced astanga in the am...i will definitely do the whole thing next time but the yin was perfect...i confess i have white walls so did shoulder stand to plow (as opposed to nyc in flip flops feet up the wall) added two mermaids, suptavirasana, loved the gomukasana, and completely softened into it every moment with the quiet of both your voice and the silence you allowed us. i also loved your other short yin only practice even though frog is very difficult for me. please do more on this platform...i love your classes and as a 30 year practioner who began at yoga works in the 90s with mati, chuck, vinnie, shiva, seane and erich...i salute you.. ...namaste
Ysabella C. - - (edited)
I don't usually comment on these videos, but I have to say this is the best myyogaworks video I have come across (and I have been practicing consistently on this site for almost a year now). I'm a little picky with my practices, and Yin-Yang are my favorites. This was one of the best, leaving me feeling both relaxed and invigorated for the day. 100% going in my favorites.
Tough Class
Judith M. - -
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger !!! 💪
love it!
Bridget T. - -
so thankful for this class. thank you!
Trevor M. - -
Sara C. - -
In a sea of snarky comments, this humor is a breath of fresh air!!! Namaste :)
Samantha B. - -
And a sexy voice doesn't hurt either!
Great class!
Keri P. - -
Challenging in the beginning, but makes those yin stretches feel great!
Hannah L. - -
Great class with all types of yoga. I left feeling wonderful. Thank you, Vytas. You are a very gifted teacher.
Hannah L. - -
Great class with all types of yoga. I left feeling wonderful. Thank you, Vytas. You are a very gifted teacher.
Sonia G. - -
Loved this practice: the vinyasas kicked my a--! The yin portion was just what is needed afterwards. Thank you!
Perfect class
Dominique R. - -
Great blend of yang and yin. Lovely way to start my weekend. Thank you.
Amy T. - -
This has been my favorite practice yet. I loved the intensity of the first 40 minutes. I cranked up the heat in my room with my gas fireplace and it was a perfect balance to get an intense sweat going, not to mention the fire in my legs!!! The last 30 minutes he brings us through the yin portion, which feels amazing after heating up my body. I look forward to visiting this practice again.
C C. - -
Yang part was nice.. not sure about yin. Felt more like restorative and stretching as opposed to yin.
Great workout, then wind down
Jessica H. - -
Starts out with a very challenging flow/strength portion and then lovely wind down afterwards. You will work hard, but it's totally worthwhile!
Heather S. - -
Chose this practice thinking it was likely to be well-rounded. It was more focused on the hips and legs. I wanted some shoulder stretches, but all the arm and shoulder work was strengthening, which possibly made me tighter in my shoulders. Otherwise, a solid practice.
So many salutions and vinyasas
Trish D. - -
I love the classes that are presented on My Yoga Works, it just seems that they are all full of salutations and vinyasas. Is it ever possible to do classes without so many of those? I take a class in my town that doesn't have either of those things and the class is wonderful and yet we get the full benefit of the yoga postures with nice sequencing. Some yin is added as well. Having said all of that, I love the clear instructions of all of the classes and I have learned a lot from each of the classes I have practiced. Just wish there were not so any vinyasas and salutations.
Sydni A. - -
That was wonderful! I LOVED the yang practice, as well as the choice of poses for the yin. I just wish a couple of the yin poses were held for a bit longer.
Just great!!,
Martha M. - -
The best practice I in my yoga works so far... Love it, my favorite instructor...
Jacqueline W. - -
Mwahhahahah.... I did it and loved it! Feeling very invigorated, thank you Vytas
Love it!
Linda G. - -
Perfect complete practice. Thank you.
5 Thumbs up!!
Jessica R. - -
This was my first practice in a week and it was a great one to get back in the swing of things. My first Vytas practice, and I LOVED it. His style of teaching is different then anyone else that I've tried. Going to try more of his practices now =D And, I absolutely loved the 2 ladies that were practicing. It was nice to see a curvy chick because I myself am curvy so watching her inspired me to keep going
Dorothy W. - -
Lol - checking out/in ;-) that was almost as cute as ur smile; classes are consistently spot-on and refreshingly solid - much appreciated!! Wish u were in ny's yoga symposium this spring. ...
STELA G. - -
Thank you Vytas .. ! It was really challenging for me :) but i like your style .
Nichole G. - -
My favorite instructor. Very challenging at the beginning, lovely and tranquil at the end.
Loryann F. - -
Awesome balance of yin &yang sequencing.
Annette G. - -
Thank you soooooo much Vytas for this class!
Love the combo and built in meditation
Anne M. - -
This is one of my new favorites. I love the active poses at the beginning and the yin poses at the end. More classes from Vytas please!! (especially long ones!)
Joanna M. - -
Thank you Vytas!!
Great combo
Cindy C. - -
I loved the vigorous yang with the cooling yin. It did the job! The instruction was clear and tranquil. I would like to see this kind of class at the YW studios. It is an effective practice.
Nichole G. - -
Vigorous in the beginning and lovely and soft towards the end. Great way to end a day. I would give it 5 stars but I thought the flow portion was a bit fast and I had a hard time keeping up.
Full Yoga Practice
Kelli B. - -
I really enjoyed the balance between the yang (active) and yin (relaxed) postures. It was a great way to build up a sweat and to calm my mind. Thank you for the simple instruction and well-rounded class. I will be practicing with this video again!
My new favorite!
Michelle R. - -
The yang part of this is very strong..which just made the yin that much more relaxing. I am always so excited everytime I see a new class from Vytas. Please make more like this one!!!