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Went by fast
Whitney W. - -
Wow, that went by quickly.
Yin yoga & mindfulness <3
Bertha J. - -
Love this class and how David take yin yoga to next level with mindfulness.
47 minutes?
Maria B. - -
So good I felt like it was only five minutes....I enjoyed the practice. Thank you David
What my body craves
Nanette W. - -
I need this type of stretch and it's not as popular as other types of yoga, so I am grateful for the videos. I have to concur......if perhaps David would limit some of the superfluous comments it would help tremendously. The loquacious comments can feel annoying, and then I am focused on trying to transcend my annoyance.
Sydni A. - -
Way too much talking in between poses! About half of the practice time was talking. Would love to hear your insights about the poses while we're engaged in them, not before or after.
leg mandala
Gabrielle H. - -
great thank you I enjoyed the leg mandala look forward to doing more
Clear explanations
Kristen L. - -
Nicely articulated with excellent options for variations. This class would have been even better including a few different body types (maybe an out of shape man for example.)
Wonderful class
Fernanda D. - -
I was feeling my right knee painful since so many days, I tried this sequencce and the last pose is just a killer...pain killer...I am so much better. Thanks love with your Yin Yoga.