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Esperanza B. - -
I will start tonight looking forward to it!!
Leila K. - -
Wonderful Yintro, thank you, David!
Amy G. - -
This is my official class of the pandemic. Thank you David for calming my mind & body
Rais F. - -
First time to try Yin yoga nad loved it. This is a very gppd introduction. Thank you. ❤️
Very nice
Dina F. - -
Very much enjoyed the guidance through this short sequence. I look forward to trying David's other Yin classes. Thanks!
Christi M. - -
Feeling so peaceful after this quick yin class! 😊
Great Intro to Yin
Mimi E. - -
This was my first time trying Yin. It was much different than the Vinyasa that I'm used to doing. I will add some more Yin to my yoga practice; I think its a nice counterpart.
Michelle Y. - -
David, a wonderful intro to Yin. Love that it's 30 minutes - perfect way to start or end my day when I have a shortage of time. Thanks!
Mallia - -
Absolutely love this class!
Andrea M. - -
This being the first time taking a Yin class, I really enjoyed it and felt like I got a lot out of it. This class is well timed for my need to expand in to meditation and "just being". I especially liked the stress of feeling free to adjust the position when uncomfortable and the ways to do that. I hope that there will be more level one classes with perhaps more time allowed per position. Is there anyway to give more description / elaboration on the level two Yin classes? I would like to explore those but am not certain what my capabilities are..... Thanks again for a great class!
David K. - -
So glad you enjoyed the Yin class! Level 2 Yin might explore deeper range of motion and include fewer postures, often with slightly longer holds. Whatever the level, always feel free to adjust your position or add props, especially if you feel too much force-load bearing down on your joints. Yin is an excellent way to unveil the inner contours of your body while carving out a still space for your mind. Thanks for the feedback!
Paige H. - -
David, I love all of your Yin classes! Thank you for continuing to bring them to us.