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nighttime wind down
Hilit J. - -
I did this practiced in a very dark room right before bed and I feel very relaxed now. I’m definitely moving slower and any nerves or jitters I had are gone. This practice went by so quickly but never felt rushed. Thank you!
Zach G. - -
My name is Zach, so I knew this one was for me!!@$
Love this class!
E H. - -
My tired has been tired and this class gave me the stretching and quiet I needed to reset for the day and week. Thank you Sarah.
Loved this class
Shawna R. - -
Yozac was awesome I feel so relaxed and centered. Perfect for bedtime and I'll have to try it next time I have a bad day
cindi z. - -
Gave me some much-needed peace, and gentle--yet challenging--movement, for getting back into yoga. Thank you, and namaste, beautiful Sarah!
Love this class
Wendy P. - -
What a wonderful way to end a long and busy week. Very soothing. Plus I was unwell yesterday and could only do a 10-min practice. This was an excellent way of easing back into it!
Kelly S. - -
Very relaxing, wonderful for any time of the day.
Very calming
Stephanie T. - -
This practice was just what I needed to help clear my mind and rid myself of anxiety. Perfect for a Sunday, before a new busy week begins. Thank you!
just what i needed
alexis s. - -
very calming after a stressful day. one of my favorites to do :)
Absolutely incredible
Brogan M. - -
Loved this practise. Feeling completely calm, relaxed and nourished. Adding to my favourites!
Eva S. - -
Love. Love. Love. Could not wish for a better, more calming practice after a long day at work. Thank you so much!
Trudi C. - -
Thank You Sarah! I consider myself a seasoned yogi and really enjoyed the calming of this practice. Into my playlist it goes :)
Beautiful Practice
Sarah F. - -
Exactly what is needed for those days that we need to be calm. Yoga at a slower pace, focusing on the breath, and the body. Just wonderful
Very calming!!
Ana O. - -
I enjoyed very much this class!
Kristen M. - -
Wonderful class after a stressful day
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michael k. - -
slow moving class that allows you to get into and hold your poses. The poses are very straightforward and easy to do.
Kelly P. - -
Calming and empowering... Great to clear body of anxiety.
Ann L. - -
Wonderful way to start my morning …