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Aime D. - -
I had to stop; hearing her talk about anxiety wasn’t helpful
Christy R. - -
I am way more anxious now than before the class. I think all of the negative words (she probably said "anxiety" 50+ times with vivid descriptions of the mental process) just continued to remind me throughout the practice how anxious I was and I never got a chance to relax. The class also didn't get my heart rate up so it felt like a waste of 50+ min with unnecessary props that took longer to setup than the amount of time you actually used them. Overall, a bummer.
Just what I needed today
Mindy W. - -
This class was just what I needed today. It's a very anxious period we are all going thru and this practice really helped ground me into the present moment. Excellent instructor!!
Perfect class for right now
Fabrizio D. - - (edited)
This is just what I needed today. i've taken other classes with Mia and enjoy them all the time. This was calming with the right amount of movement and restorative poses all well balanced in the sequencing. Thank you!
Lenore F. - -
A great class for these tense times. I truly enjoyed the combination of poses and her calming influence. Thank you.
Harlan S. - -
I really enjoyed the class. It was just what I needed. The sequencing choices were nice and Mia's dialogue was helpful.
My year subscription
Roseanna B. - -
Why so difficult to sign to my classes
Becky C. - -
good combination of relaxation and work out, thank you
Betania B. - -
A great class to relax, move a bit and deal with anxiety. Thank you so much for this! Highly recommended :)
Perfect Class to Relieve Stress
Margo L. - -
Beautifully sequenced class. Mia’s voice and words were very calming. Just the class I needed after a stressful day!
Not For Me
Lauren S. - -
I enjoyed the flow but way too much talking for my taste. Also, the amount of times "anxiety" was said actually added to my current anxiety instead of alleviating it.
Wonderful Class
Bridget H. - -
Great balance of movement and relaxation. I appreciated the commentary to keep me present.
Great class
Fernanda D. - - was a great class.
Get Up and Flow
Francine C. - -
A real challenge in every positive away- truly enjoyed the flow and feel stronger as a result
Chris K. - -
Thank you for a great session!
thanks mia!
Maryanne R. - -
thank you so much Mia for another great class. Always look forward to your classes. So much thought put in. namaste
audio drops out
Seth B. - -
annoying intermittent audio inconsistencies; drop outs
Didn't work for me either . . .
Avina G. - -
Skilled teaaching with calming voice; much too much talking
Didn't work for me
Oana S. - -
There was too much talk. I found myself wishing for silence over and over again. Had to skip about 15 minutes of it.
Yoga and Anxiety
Alicia P. - -
Nice blend of strength and calming, both of which I believe are essential for managing anxiety. My first video with YW but not my last.
Just the right amount of movement and calming
Ann B. - -
This was just what I needed after a long, sleepless night of restless thoughts. A perfect balance of movement and calming and balancing poses that set me up for meditation. I appreciated the prompts on how to center the mind. Feeling peaceful.
wonderful class!
Leslie K. - -
This was just what I needed. I love this class. I broke a sweat which meant I worked, and it flowed fast enough that I had to concentrate on the movement and breath and not my head. I loved that it ended with Pranayama which deeply relaxed my brain. I liked all the commentary as I am going through a tough time with my aging father and I needed to hear everything Mia had to say. I felt this was an all around perfect class.
Beautiful class
John F. - -
I was a past member of Yoga Works and for several years have had a home practice. This was the first video for me and I had a beautiful experience. I'm so happy that Yoga Works offers these videos and recommend to all Yogis. Namaste.
Didn't work for me
Lindsay C. - -
My previous question on this class thread was just generally about My Yoga Works, and not specific to this class. As far as this class went, it didn't work for me at all. I would have expected two different things in a class to tame anxiety: 1) Much more initial grounding through the breath that would then be revisited throughout the sequence in specific breath exercises or reminders. Instead, it felt rushed, and like the drive to do "flow" overtook the purpose of rooting in against anxiety. 2) That the emphasis would have been more strongly focused on the mind's eye's connection to the inner architecture of the body to find ease through the body, instead of in philosophy and ideas. The teacher's ceaseless philosophical/psychological chatter about anxiety relief would be welcome in a lecture type format. But in yoga, a focus on the specificity of what the body is doing in that moment, and then breath into that moment, speaks volumes to oneself while doing the pose. In the end so much talk, and so little specificity about the body just made it feel rushed and incomplete to me.
Question about props
Lindsay C. - -
I find the classes on My Yoga Works rely on a lot of props, something I am not used to and don't 100% like. That said, are the props in use to help those with less flexibility, or are they there to put the body into a different position than on the floor for a specific alignment reason related to the benefits of doing a pose with a prop? Any help (from any My Yoga Works instructor) would be great. Thanks!
Great class for a Monday
Carolyn C. - -
Great flows, rhythms and instruction. So nice to release all the anxiety of a hectic Monday.
Just what I needed :)
Dina R. - -
I am a yoga instructor, and my son is deploying to Aphganastan. I have had the hardest time with my practice and calming my anxiety. This class was amazing and the Instructor was as well! Thank You :))
Love this teacher!
Rebecca P. - -
I am new to this website and was having trouble finding classes that were right for me. I have done two of Mia's classes, and I just found my money's worth. Her voice and words bring my mind and heart into the practice in a way that is very helpful to me even hours after I leave my mat. Thank you, Mia. I look forward to doing all your classes!
Just what I was looking for!
Kerry L. - -
The biggest reason I love yoga is that it helps me cope with my anxiety, but it is difficult to find relief when many teachers focus more on power flows. This is the best class I have done. Thank you so much!!
Stephanie L. - -
The poses in this were so wonderful and grounding, thank you. I think the only improvement that could be made is a little less narration. The poses were so wonderful that I would have liked more quiet to just enjoy and take in that feeling.
Stress... It's part of life, but remember...balance <3
Kelly P. - -
Not only did this session relieve so much tension in my body, but it revived the parts that felt left for dead! I literally felt the stress float away! I enjoyed the her verbal guidance about anxiety as it was comforting, detoxing, and healing. Letting me know acceptance, cleanse, and care are truly life savers when it comes to anxiety. Mia you are amazing!!
grounding class!
Lily K. - -
loved this class! great combination of energizing and centering poses.
Alystyre J. - -
Thank you Mia for another theme-based beautiful class what the day ordered...
Great practice!
Patrizia M. - -
Absolutely fulfills its promise to ground and relax while still working through a nice flow. Although I wasn't feeling anxious I found myself moving through some deep seated tension I was carrying around with me. Will definitely do this again.