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Clear and present
Catherine Montondo - -
Thank you, Jesse, for your video. Your words are very anchoring and encouraging. Flowing throuh the challenging stuff... :-)
Well rounded intermediate class
Nicola James - -
This is an introduction to level 2 with some advanced poses peppered in. Jesse is an excellent teacher but this is not my favorite class. Jesse talks non-stop, even through savasana. A lot of good instruction, but too much introduction and permission to back off for an advanced class. Overall though, it is a well rounded yogaworks class.
Efstathia Andrikopoulou - -
Agree 100%. Didn’t believe she would keep talking even during savasana. I actually had to stop it at savasana and took it quietly myself for a few min.
loved this class so much
Kim Wexman - -
I took this class again and loved it so much!!! Jesse you are by far one of my favorite yoga teachers. Thank you so so much
loved it
Jalon Fowler - -
It was truly delicious!
Awesome class!
Shannon Doyle - -
I really loved this practice, there is one point that's slightly confusing at the beginning but after the third time taking this class it will become effortless. I really love Jesse's instruction and appreciate her steadiness, she covers all the bases and provides thorough descriptions of every pose and posture for those who've never taken her classes before. I honestly don't understand why people have to be disrespectful in their comments, because you practice level 3, it gives you the right to condemn? Kindness goes a long way sisters..
Regina Casner - -
I’m too far to go to a live class, tonight this class made up for it. Thank you!
kim wexman - -
Jesse you are amazing. One of my favorite teachers. I disagree with some of the previous comments about your talking.... For me everything you said was perfect and your talking really helped me make it through the class. I loved that you emphasized alignment and the breath throughout... to get people to focus on both of those at the same time almost requires a lot of talking. I appreciate your doing that so eloquently. :) Only thing I might suggest is that for a "Yoga Buffet" I might have liked a little more shoulder stretches. Oh ... and also ... when doing so many vinyasas ... it would have been really nice to do a counter stretch for the wrist (Padahasasana? or rolling wrists) I added those in on my own. Another great wrist stretch that feels great from table top : fists turned towards each other (knuckles touching) and press lightly down.
Andria Constantinou - -
I have to agree , too much the talking , confusing , one side and when it comes to the other side sometimes we skip it ( on the 3rd Surya Namaskara B) Vira 1> A.M.S > Dolphin etc . Anyway in general lines it was tiring to concentrate on the sequence and the lesson in general
Too much talking
rebecca weiner - -
Too much talking for a level 3.....I couldn't get past minute 4, just too chatty for my liking...... Next.
Linsey Parkins - -
Really good class. There was lots of talking, but most of it was just really good instruction! Very challenging with many sun salutations. Loved it!
Perfect Class
Michelle Risley - -
Jessie..another great one from you. I hope you can make some more 90 minute level 3 classes...this was excellent. I have subscribed to nearly every online yoga site at one time or another - but these classes to me are unique and although there are probably fewer classes on this site than some of the others...these are hands down the best. They arent over the top acrobatic and are more basic than some of the others - but I always step away feeling so grounded and energized. I cant pinpoint how these classes are different but they are. I just love the Yoga Works style!! Thank you! :)
yoga buffet jesse schein
Jennifer Jane Martin - -
loved this. please offer more advanced videos from jesse!
Yoga Buffet
Becky Wolfe - -
This really should be a level 2 course. Its well taught; however, it assumes a basic (rather than advanced) understanding of the practice.
Yoga Buffet
Margaret Jacobson - -
Great class. Really got the prana going. Perfect amount of movement and top notch instruction of the more challenging poses. Was surprised how thorough a class it was for being online. THANK YOU!