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Cassie C. - -
Very chill. Good class.
Slow and thoughtful
Lisa M. - -
This is a slower pace, but excellent focus and centering. Excellent for those days when the body is not feeling great, but you need some stretch, movement and breath to repair. Thanks
Cynthia R. - -
First time I've worked at splits, nice! Loved the calming, slow flow to things. Quote and ending words for loving communication and thoughts was really nice. Thank you!
Iliana O. - -
Nice flow and the back and hips felt better. The class did move slowly but a good class overall.
Jody W. - -
Nice instruction, however, I felt this class moved really slow and should be a level 1.
C C. - -
Lovely.. thank you :)
great after sitting
Kate T. - -
This was quite nice after a long day of sitting at my desk. Instantly all back pain was gone. Loved using the blocks for full splits - I actually got deeper. Thank you!
Erika B. - -
A really nice calming flow to stretch at the end of the day and unwind.
Flies right by
Julia C. - -
Great stretch for the hips and back. Lesley is very warm and encouraging and makes the class fly by. Wasn't expecting to work up some heat but it felt great! Wish there would have been some more stretches for the shoulders, but overall a nice practice.
Great to unwind
Floriane D. - -
Now my Sunday night unwind practice. Very calming, not too chatty, loved the quote and reminder at the end.
Latiana B. - -
I love Lesley's YouTube, and I'm happy to see her teaching here! Great flow, as always!
Wonderful condensed class
Lia M. - -
A well-rounded class that works the entire body and stretches and energizes when you don't have an hour or more or just feel like doing a shorter practice. The quote at the end is a perfect ending to remind us all to put our hands on our hearts and open our hearts first and foremost.
hellen w. - -
This practice was wonderful for stretching out the kinks! I appreciate Lesley taking time to address proper structure of poses - I could feel the difference :)
Eman B. - -
That short sequence is guaranteed to make you feel so much better no matter what s going on in your mind, i m so much energized and stretched and your lovely voice and quotes went straight to my heart and mind. Thank you:)
Jessica R. - -
Lesley said to feel the stretch enough so the blood can flow through and get rid of the toxins... After she said that I swear I could feel all the bad parts of my day just wash away. The was a very powerful practice for me. Thank you Lesley =D
Short and sweet
Kelly P. - -
Lovely pace through poses and great guidance. The quote is one to remember :)
Heart Opener
Sarah P. - -
Really nice way to open body up. I wish it was longer because it felt so good! Beautiful quote to close. Fully opened my heart.
Melissa W. - -
That quote at the end sealed the practice beautifully, thank you
nice class
Levana M. - -
Perfect short class, gets into every muscle and then nice savasana :-)