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Otter R. - -
Beautiful class....just to relax!!!
Great for presence and intention
Malinda L. - -
This class was great for tension relief, especially after sitting at a desk all day. I found her cues very helpful and great reminders for release of the places we carry stress and tension without realizing. It wasn't overly sweat inducing, but I still feel like I got a great workout for strength and intention, paying more attention to the subtle actions in each pose. I would return to this one, and look for more instruction by Lesley. Thanks!
Very enjoyable but not sweaty
Deborah E. - -
I really enjoyed this class and the way we were led from pose to pose was different--therefore kept me focused. I wish the class had been longer--then it would have been perfect for me. But I will return to it.
Great steady class for stress, not anxiety
Rachel B. - -
I really enjoyed this skillfully taught classic YogaWorks sequence. The instructor took her time to safely open parts of the body impacted by stress such as neck, shoulders and some hip work. Many comments have noted that her frequent cuing made them more anxious, so maybe it isn’t a good class if you’re feeling lots of anxiety, but , for me, the approach is very helpful for long term stress. I would choose it if you are feeling open to slowing down a bit while still doing a somewhat physically challenging practice . I hope that is helpful for those choosing a class.
Ana T. - -
I just like it so much
Alice Y. - -
The teacher's voice was clear, peaceful, and easy to understand. I especially appreciated that there were 2 students with different abilities. I didn't think I had time (because I was so stressed out!) to take a class longer than 20 minutes, and I'm so glad I took this class. I needed to slow down. Thanks so much!!
Good release!
Linda C. - -
Class went by so fast and was very relaxing!
Genevieve C. - -
This is what I expected and needed. I strongly appreciate how the detailed explanation keeps me working those posture at their full potential. Humbly, to me it is a level 2, as slow is difficult and to that level of tech detail for each posture, you can work it for a life time. The end goal of yoga isn't power yoga. I am sorry for all those comment from people who weren't satisfied. One, just need to search to find what is a fit for one. This is a great class. Thank you
the power of silence..
Anastasia M. - -
I stayed present, waiting peacefully to hear the next move...his voice was kind and healing
Definitely Beginner Level
Jennifer B. - -
This is a fine class for those who want to take their time but the additional instruction took me out of these very basic poses. I think if it was shorter with less instruction it would've been a stronger video.
Kare H. - -
Agreed. Slow and careful is good but this felt deadly for a level 2. That said, it was a good class.
Kind of stressed me out more than I was to begin with...
Keri P. - - (edited)
I say this with regret simply because I do not want to make anyone feel bad... but this class stressed me out even more! Lots of talking, and unnecessary inflections in her voice which were agitating. At one point I thought she was going to make me hold my breath forever as she counted to 5, then talked, and talked a little more, and a little more... then finally started counting back down.
Kare H. - -
Agreed. So slow I felt stressed by :42 when she talked on and on and I stopped the video. That said, it was a good class but too slow for L2.
Forced me to stay present
Ann B. - -
This is a slower paced class, which made some of the poses very intense. It was stress relieving in the sense that for a while I couldn't think about anything else except my thighs burning. Feeling refreshed and centered!
Forced me to stay present
Ann B. - -
This is a slower paced class, which made some of the poses very intense. It was stress relieving in the sense that for a while I couldn't think about anything else except my thighs burning. Feeling refreshed and centered!
beautiful, healing voice and class.
MARY D. - -
Thank you Lesley for a wonderful blending of alignment, breath awareness and perfect pacing. I feel stronger and more relaxed; such a great combo. Thank you for continuing to return to your theme to remind us, and loved your quote at the end. Mary
Error message
Andrea B. - -
Video is not playing at all :0(
Level 1
Kate R. - -
Couldn't get through the entire class. A traditional level 2 class does not require this much instruction, level 2 yogi's know the poses already and how to properly align. This is not for me.
Nathalie D. - -
This class only added to my stress. I agree with the comment below, definitely a level 1 class. She talked waaaaaaay too much, only got 20 min in.
Not a fan
Lauren G. - -
This is definitely a Level 1 class. Far, far too much explanation for a Level 2 class. Less talkie, more yogaie please. I had to continue after the class was over just cause I wanted actual stress release ;)
Sharon B. - -
Wonderful class!!
Rachel B. - -
Skillfully sequenced class with very classic yogaworks instruction. I felt relief from the physical manifestations of stress, such as tightness in the shoulder girdle. I did not find much energetic or emotional relief from my racing mind and easily irritated nervous system, due to slow pace and physically detailed instruction. I think I needed a faster paced and more spacious class to get the sort of relief I was looking for, this was a bit heady and I was already too much in my head when I started. Nothing wrong with the teachers' instructions here, just an observation that I hope will help others choose a good class for them.
Cathy P. - -
Leslie was excellent
Lovely class!
Yvette C. - -
Lesley, thank you! What a clear and concise teacher you are! Thank you for a well-rounded class. To you, Namaste.
Slow and relaxing
Jen M. - -
I feel less stressed. Good instructions!
Wonderful Teacher!
Hannah L. - -
I haven't taken Leslie's class since I moved a few years ago, and I forgot what a terrific teacher she is. This class was like meeting up with an old friend, and it melted away any physical and emotional stress that I was holding onto. By focusing on perfect alignment, this class can really get a burn going too!
Melissa F. - -
Amazing class and instruction!
Lien I. - -
This is a class with lots of instructions, but this enables you to take your time with each pose which aids the stress release. Nice well-rounded class with some sun salutations to warm up, shoulder opening poses in the middle and back bends/hamstring release. A short but lovely pranayama exercise towards the end too. I just wish there were a few more hip opening poses involved to make it perfect.
Jami W. - -
This is a nice level 1 class with lots of instruction and slow pace...should just be renamed Level 1.
Thank you :)
Jenifer F. - -
As usual another great yoga practice with Lesley :D
Nancy W. - -
I appreciated the instructions and felt they were appropriate for level 2, since many of them were actions reminders that a beginner would have difficulty executing. I especially liked the ending: touching of the head for clarity, heart for intention and mouth for wise speech.
shannon c. - -
this felt like a level 1 class- lots of instruction to get into poses that level 2 should already know. I liked the sequence but the pace felt slow because of the amount of instruction and description
Loved it
Isabel A. - -
The instruction was great for connecting with the poses at a deeper level and keeping the mind focused in the present moment. Lots of good stretching and strength mixed in.
Great for Stress and Focus
LM C. - -
This class is wonderful for anyone who needs to destress. My back and shoulders got some nice stretches, while my legs worked on balance and strength. I see someone mentioned she talked a lot. I didn't notice that, as her voice is really soothing and her message is clear. I feel so relaxed.
Not for me.
Rebecca B. - -
There was too much talking in this video for me. It actually made me feel more stressed.
Level 1
Lesley L. - -
Definitely beginners, never done yoga class.
So nice!
Alissa G. - -
Thank you Lesley! I like this teacher's style...she seems like a sweet, compassionate person. I don't mind all the verbal instruction, contrary to what others have been saying. Sometimes it's nice to listen to a teacher's voice, even if we don't think we need reminders of how to do the poses.
Ghazaleh R. - -
Too much talking for level 2
Level 2 definitely, just not for snobs
It is a great class. Comments from people that there is "too much talking" sound like maybe they do not know how to really relax and benefit from yoga. Thank you.
Tamara B. - -
Alexandria always gives great perfectly timed instruction throughout the practice. This workout can work for level 1 and 2. It was very challenging in the legs for strength . I followed Alexandria here from YouTube . She is awesome . Especially if you practice at home and you really want to advance your practice and maintain and learn proper form.
Level 1, not 2
Kathleen S. - -
Way too much instruction for level 2 class. I would assume we already know how to do oujii breathing at this level (just one example). Too much talking during the poses (hanging out in down dog while the basics of yoga are explained). I really didn't get much out of this introductory class.
Carolina R. - -
This class seems more of n Beginner Level class, there is a lot of talking/instruction. CR.