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Joyce Bowers - -
Great class if you work at a desk
Aurore Degive - -
great for stiff shoulders
Alexeyeva Smith - -
Wow! What an awesome class :) Thank you so much!
Just what I needed
Marjorie Waxman - -
Wonderful stress relieving session. Teacher was lovely and really was eloquent and clear. Thank you.
Jessica Raymer - -
This was a nice morning practice. I did notice with myself that I am flexible in the shoulders, but pretty tight in the triceps. Is there any particular stretches that can help with that area?.
Ana Amortegui - -
I had a long very physical day at work and this class was perfect to relax and work my body that was very tired...the teacher was great I loved her positive encouragement...very grateful for this practice today
Jackie Callander - -
Wonderful stress relief😊!
Amanda Glendinning - -
I did this at the end of the day... perfect before bed.
Lots of child's pose
Julia C - -
Lesley is warm and cheerful. My shoulder blades feel worked. If you're looking for a sequence with a lot of child's pose, this is for you.
Shreya Datta - -
Just the right amount. I literally feel much better and less stressed. Thank you!!!
Jacqueline Johnston - -
Although this class was very relaxing I would have preferred that the savasana was not interrupted by the recitation of a quote. I treasure a quiet savasana at the end of my practice.
Day 4 of 21 Day Challenge
Debbie Mayo - -
Loved this class and teacher. Appreciated her encouraging words.
Day 4
Mai Theodocion - -
Perfect for end of the day....
Rhiann Ellenbrook - -
I loved this class. The quote at the end was amazing.
Vickie Fagert - -
I feel fabulous after this class! Relaxing!!
Great for an attitude adjustment!
Sarah Stephenson - -
Great Class! Thanks Lesley!
jennifer muraski - -
I was able to release the tension in my shoulders brought on by being hunched over my keyboard at work.
Sarah TN - -
This is exactly what I was going for! Following this one up by the "Healing Practice". I really enjoy the new-to-me concept of "receiving the pose instead of DOing the pose":-)
headache relief!
Brenda Novick - -
I was starting to get a tension headache, so I stopped everything for this class. Headache is gone, now I can continue with my day! Namaste
Very Relaxing
Julie Lockfeld - -
I found myself breathing fully and deeply without any effort or thought to try to breath deeper.
Micha Piraino - -
Loved this class! Thank you
Danielle Milanese - -
This helped with my stiff shoulders! Great quick class. I seem to have trouble playing entire videos though. They always stop and reload in the middle.
Just the right dose
Lara Park-Menning - -
Great little class to release tension and feel calm
Great stress relief quickie
Beth Norys - -
I enjoyed this quick stress relief class. Great teacher
Aniella Perold - -
This brought a lot of relief to my upper body-- I woke up the next morning feeling much better than I have in several weeks! Great, soothing (but still active) sequence.
Youmna Elsabry - -
Great class, thank you