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Kathleen K. - -
Haha I'd like to tell you how awesome this is but I have yet to make it to the end. I don't even know how far into the video I have made it because every time I pass out into a deep sleep.
Birgitte K. - -
Hi Kathleen, A much needed laugh...thank you! Well, that means that it very much works for you. Happy to hear that. For more Yoga Nidra, you can also check out the one I have on my youtube channel: Birgitte Kristen Yoga and Meditation. Warmest, B
Kathleen K. - -
I've made it to the end finally and it is lovely and is helping me sleep. My 8 yr old also has a hard time turning off at night and she has been using this to calm down too. I'll check out your channel. Thanks for this.
Perfect lullaby
Samantha R. - -
Thank you again Birgitte for your peaceful voice, guiding us perfectly into a what I like to call a 'lullaby state' between sleep and relaxation. Namaste and hope you are staying well.
Birgitte K. - -
Hi Samantha, Thank you for your kind feedback. Yes, I am well.....these are different times right. Important to stay balanced. And, I hope you are staying well and healthy. Namaste, B
what I needed in these anxious times
Maryann L. - -
Wow I fell asleep on the floor!! It was so peaceful
Birgitte K. - -
Hi Maryann, That is so great to hear. It has happened to me as well.....this means you are doing the relaxation exercise really really well ....and you needed it. Love to you, Birgitte
Love it
Elizabeth H. - -
Best yoga ever
Birgitte K. - -
Hi Elizabeth, Wonderful! Thank you. I teach what works for glad it worked for you. Namaste, Birgitte
Kelly F. - -
This is perfect to find a calm.
Birgitte K. - -
Hi Kelly, Great to hear. We need this now more than ever. Namaste, Birgitte
This was great for my insomnia
Jeanne M. - -
Right up until you woke me at the end! :)
Birgitte K. - -
Hi Jeanne, Thank you for this feedback. I am currently making another Yoga Nidra for sleep for Insight Timer, a free app. And, I will not wake you up at the end......... (I have a few guided meditations on that app that are quiet at the end, but not specifically for sleep, but could work), Namaste, Birgitte
Lauren N. - -
This was beautifully hypnotic, and had me feeling so calm and so relaxed. Thank you.
Birgitte K. - -
Hi Lauren, You are so welcome. Warmest, Birgitte