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Quick and sweet
Sean Patch - -
Thanks for a great video, I will be coming back to this one and spending a bit more time in each pose.
Blissful antidote to runners' tightness
Heather Wells - -
Just perfect -- addresses the common area of tightness from running. Instructor's voice is as soothing as the stretches. How about an hour-long version to do on rest days?
Felt so much better
Aimee Garcia - -
It's such a perfect routin stretch to do everyday if you are a regular runner!
Kristen Kronland - -
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Great stretch.
Annie Lachance - -
Simple, quick and efficient. And clear instructions. Perfect for a runner. Thanks!
Thank you!!
Sharon Shalem - -
Your session really helped release my aching legs..:)
Pigeon Pose here was a must!
Evan Smith - -
Excellent class for a lifelong runner! I thought I was pretty flexible until we came to pigeon pose. Something I definitely need to work on!
Great stretch after a week of circuits
Marian Elbert - -
Definitely needed these stretches and liked that we repeated them!
Tamiya Dickerson - -
my hips and back and ribs feel better. New daily workout pre-run warmup.
Feel more Open
Alexandra Leifschutz - -
Very good stretch for my stiff old body. Thank you Caley for a well designed practice with excellent and precise cues.
Lovely class, but
G Goode - -
Lovely class with great stretches and a soothing voice from Caley, but I miss the savasana. I would like it included in all of the YogaWorks practices :) Thank you!
Great stretch after running
Lu He - -
I like this yoga specifically for runner and it really works for me. Feel my body has a relax after running and doing this exercise. Hope have more practice for runner!
Soreness Gone!
Annette Rallo - -
This workout was just what I needed! I had pulled my calf muscle and was in some pain. The instructor provided just the right poses and pace required to release the tension in my calves as well as work all my leg muscles!
if you live in a tight body
luc y Burns - -
love this!
Just what I needed!
Anne Kernion - -
Spectacular class, Caley, after my hard evening run! I'll be back frequently to keep my hips and hammies happy! Thank you so much! (PS I love the phrase, "If you live in a tight body" judgment there:)
Sanju Dinesh - -
Caley thank you - my entire lower body feels so opened up and realised that need to do more of these. Shall revisit and continue the process.