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Catherine A. - -
I didn't have much time this morning so pulled this one up. A good strong 20 minutes. Clear instruction. Hard work but not hard to follow. Feel like I've taken a 60-minute class. Ready to face the world!
nice 20 min practice
Bridget T. - -
good flow, good sequence
Jenna Y. - -
This is a great practice for 20 minutes! I feel strong and I'm happy I was able to get in some yoga even with everything going on today.
Good one
Christine C. - -
I enjoyed Jocelyn's instructions and little adjustments. Warrior 2 is my most unfavorite pose (right side knee) but the conversation was good. Every class can offer one new thought, and this did. Thank you.
Feeling like a warrior
Cheryl R. - -
An enjoyable class that really makes you feel like a powerful warrior. There isn't much of a warmup so if you're doing it first thing in the morning you might want to warm up a little first.
Amie M. - -
Very interesting idea to combine the warrior poses. I loved the class and thought it was the perfect combination of power, flow and rest. Thank you!
Tammy T. - - (edited)
I now feel powerful.! Thanks Jocelyn!
jocelyn S. - -
You are SO welcome!,,,,,,
Feeling Good!
Marla W. - -
Strong, Fun, Inspirational flow! Perfect for a shorter flow practice with strength. Excellent alignment cues. A good balance of strength and also stretching. Great if you have a limited practice time during a busy day. So happy to be practicing with Jocelyn again even when I live in Montana! More Please!!!
jocelyn S. - -
I love knowing you are practicing from Big Sky Country!!!!!!!!
Great quick workout
Rebecca W. - -
Not too challenging, but great when you don't have a lot of time yet want a decent yoga session to start your day. Also good to ease your way back into yoga...
jocelyn S. - -
Ooooooh. Good feedback!!!! I'll bring more heat on the next one just for you!!!!!
Jennifer B. - -
Pretty minimal and is what it says in terms of focusing on warrior poses. I think this could've been a bit more intense in shifts between poses and longer to really maximize on transitions. A bit too light.
jocelyn S. - -
Sounds like you would love a longer, more inytense flow!!! I'll definitely bring that on the next one! Thanks for the feedback, Jennifer!!!