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What a nice class!
Susie B. - -
Exactly what I needed today.
You Are a Warrior
Francine C. - -
Just what I needed to re-energize my focus
Really nice - wonderful quick break
Elizabeth C. - -
Loved this on a busy quarantine Saturday afternoon break from preschooler! My body was already warmed up from all sorts of outside activities. I don’t think I’d recommend this one cold from waking up but outside of that a great little flow that I imagine I’ll repeat during this time when time is tight but I need to flow and release. Thank you!
You Are a Warrior by Jocelyn Solomon
Patrisha T. - -
Difficulty signing in. Once the class goes to the large window once it cannot open.
Strong Flow
Lindsay B. - -
Energizing strength flow! Love how all the warrior poses transition well together.
Great Foundation Work!
Lilian W. - -
A quick effective routine that gets you energized and feeling strong and grounded at the same time.
William H. - -
Great fundemental flow into warriors. Great for an immediate strength, mobilization, endurance challenge
Love the strength of this class
Diane C. - -
This class has most of my favorites: i.e. warrior positions, and it comes "à point" when we really need strength. Thank you!
good one for quarantine!
Joanna E. - - (edited)
As one of the many people who has suddenly found myself working from home but also trying to take care of two small kids at the same time, this was the perfect length, the perfect amount of effort, and good for my mental health too! I’m going to write “warriors need rest” on a post-it note and put it on my bathroom mirror. :)
Loved it
Judy R. - -
Great instruction and explained perfectly. At home enjoying yogaworks while hunkering in place.
Great way to start the day
Brian C. - -
Great, strong flow
Always great!
Amy G. - -
Love Jocelyn. Love all of her classes. I would love a 60 minute warrior class!!!!!
Catherine A. - -
I didn't have much time this morning so pulled this one up. A good strong 20 minutes. Clear instruction. Hard work but not hard to follow. Feel like I've taken a 60-minute class. Ready to face the world!
nice 20 min practice
Bridget T. - -
good flow, good sequence
Jenna Y. - -
This is a great practice for 20 minutes! I feel strong and I'm happy I was able to get in some yoga even with everything going on today.
Good one
Christine C. - -
I enjoyed Jocelyn's instructions and little adjustments. Warrior 2 is my most unfavorite pose (right side knee) but the conversation was good. Every class can offer one new thought, and this did. Thank you.
Feeling like a warrior
Cheryl R. - -
An enjoyable class that really makes you feel like a powerful warrior. There isn't much of a warmup so if you're doing it first thing in the morning you might want to warm up a little first.
Amie M. - -
Very interesting idea to combine the warrior poses. I loved the class and thought it was the perfect combination of power, flow and rest. Thank you!
Tammy T. - - (edited)
I now feel powerful.! Thanks Jocelyn!
jocelyn S. - -
You are SO welcome!,,,,,,
Feeling Good!
Marla W. - -
Strong, Fun, Inspirational flow! Perfect for a shorter flow practice with strength. Excellent alignment cues. A good balance of strength and also stretching. Great if you have a limited practice time during a busy day. So happy to be practicing with Jocelyn again even when I live in Montana! More Please!!!
jocelyn S. - -
I love knowing you are practicing from Big Sky Country!!!!!!!!
Great quick workout
Rebecca W. - -
Not too challenging, but great when you don't have a lot of time yet want a decent yoga session to start your day. Also good to ease your way back into yoga...
jocelyn S. - -
Ooooooh. Good feedback!!!! I'll bring more heat on the next one just for you!!!!!
Jennifer B. - -
Pretty minimal and is what it says in terms of focusing on warrior poses. I think this could've been a bit more intense in shifts between poses and longer to really maximize on transitions. A bit too light.
jocelyn S. - -
Sounds like you would love a longer, more inytense flow!!! I'll definitely bring that on the next one! Thanks for the feedback, Jennifer!!!